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As We Are

Varied saxophone pieces–some with piano or electronics. Play!


A mix of classical and pop transcriptions for sax + piano. Play!

De Profundis

Nice mix of abstract, modern & contemporary works for various saxophones. Play!

Drew Whiting–In Lights Starkly Different

Ranging from loud, abrupt to lyrical, abstract works for saxophone and electronics. Play most!

Duality: Works for Tenor Saxophone and Piano

Contemporary and modern works–nice!


Three Reed Duo (sax + oboe, with piano on someĀ  tracks perform a mix of modern and contemporary pieces. Excellent!

Second Wind

Saxophonist Dave Camwell perform these very interesting, varied transcriptions or works for saxophone from different eras, Baroque on.

Phoenix Arising

Contemporary works for saxophone and other instruments/orchestra. Mandat’s particularly interesting!


Transcriptions for sax and an original performed by Alberto Napolitano, works from the Baroque to contemporary. Play!

Soul Searching

Contemporary, minimalist saxophone works for sax quartet. Play!

A Minimal Sax

Surprisingly varied minimalist pieces transcribed or composed for saxophone quartet, by Reich, Glass, Nyman and Torke.


Early 20th century works for saxophone and piano, impressionistic or strong. Play!


Idit Shner has commissioned these recent works for saxophone and piano, lilting and flowing. Play!

Solitaire–Solo Saxophone Masterpieces

Abstract, contemporary, mostly quiet works. Scelsi’s very nice!

Four Shades of French

As in the title, all French composers works, Impressionistic, most transcribed for saxophone from other instruments. Includes some very familiar pieces. Play most!

Aaron Lington–Secondary Impressions

Contemporary transcriptions or originals for bass saxophone and piano. Very nice!

Maslanka, Magnuson–Saxophone Concertos

Contemporary sax + symphony pieces. Maslanka’s especially nice!

Lost Saxophone Concertos

Modern, forgotten American and European sax concertos, play most!


Nice mix of pieces transcribed for sax, piano and/or harp, from different eras and geography. Play!

The Eloquent Saxophone

A collection of pieces for sax/piano or transcriptions, revealing the varying styles the classical saxophone can perform. Play most!

After the Tryst

A collection of contemporary works for sax and piano by Beamish, Nyman and others. Play most!


Robert Young and group performs abstract, contemporary pieces that are a mix of classical, jazz and avant-garde. Play most!

In Search of Freedom

Modern works transcribed for sax quartet, all European pieces. Play!

Variations–for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Pieces from 1952 through 1980, abstract, nice!

Out of This World

Modern sax pieces, with piano, by Gotkovsky, Maslanka, Bozza and others.