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Saxspectrum 3–New Music for Alto and Soprano Saxophone

A mix of fairly abstract to more accessible/lyrical works with piano, tabla and/or didgeridoo.


Mellifluous saxophone quartet pieces, all contemporary. Play!

NEONflicker–saxophone H2/4 duo

Fun, contemporary pieces composed for sax  or saxes, duo or more. Play!

Signals Cross

Three Reeds Duo performs contemporary pieces for sax and oboe. Nice!

Lessons of the Sky

One modern and other contemporary works for sax and piano ranging from gracious to intense. Play!

Kenneth Tse and the Mi-Bemol Saxophone Ensemble

A mix of well-known and not so well-known works performed by large sax ensemble (21 saxes!) Play most!

Journey–5 Centuries of Song for the Saxophone

Transcriptions of songs here performed without voice, instead with sax and piano. Nice!

The Postcard Sessions

Modern works/transcriptions for sax & piano.  Lovely! Play!

con alcunze licenze…

Nice duo of sax and piano (hence the name Ivory and Reed) with an interesting mix of transcriptions from Schumann, Desenclos, Franck and Hindemith. Play most!


Contemporary works for sax quartet. Play!

Characters–Sax & Piano

Pleasant pieces for sax & piano, and with clarinet, modern. Play!