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Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats- Wasteland

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats– Wasteland Release date: 2018Oct16 Label: Rise Above Records Rating: 5/5 Uncle Acid return to torment ears and minds. I See Through You with urgent, dystopic beats. Shockwave City, an earth-shattering ride through a sea of trash and vermin. Blood Runner moves to pulsating drumbeats.  There’s No Return from hazy, eerie riffs. […]

Beastmaker- Inside The Skull

Beastmaker– Inside The Skull Release date: 2017May19 Label: Rise Above Rating: 3.5/5 Beastmaker hail from Fresno, CA with this follow-up to Lusus Naturae, released just last year. Evil One lives up to its’ name, reminiscent of tracks from Electric Wizard and Uncle Acid. Now Howls The Beast lunges for the throat with sinister, foreboding vocals set […]

Church of Misery- And Then There Were None…

Church of Misery– And Then There Were None… Rise Above Records Release date: 2016Mar01 Rating: 4/5 Church of Misery return with a completely different lineup (Tatsu Mikami the only remaining original member). “The Hell Benders”(The Bender Family) plods with dark, bluesy guitars, echoing their classic sound. I’d hate to run into a family like that. “Make Them […]

Thy Kingdom Scum

Church of Misery– Thy Kingdom Scum Release date: 2013Jun11 Label: Rise Above Rating: 4/5 Church of Misery is  Japan’s answer to bare-bones doom worship. Nothing says “doom” more than naming each track after a prolific serial killer (a theme that has carried over from prior releases). “B.T.K Killer” (Dennis Rader) focuses on the killer of which […]