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Jah9 – New Name (Rorystonelove)

Jah9 (Janine Cunningham) grew up as the daughter of a Baptist minister; first in rural Jamaica, and later in the heart of Kingston. Always sensitive to injustice, she gravitated toward the Rastafarians in college. There her talent as a singer & poet merged with a new-found love of roots reggae & dub. The results are […]

Barefoot Warrior- Nyashane

For new music in the air studio at WRUV FM a EP called Barefoot Warrior, with Nyashane from Jamaica.  With “I am Feeling Irie”, Nyashane is making a splash on the Reggae scene with this track that really does have the irie flowing.  He also has a track called Upright and Powerful that has produced […]

Honor The People-Casper Loma-da-wa

Casper Lomayesva  with The Mighty 602 Band from Mesa, Az. Casper is the Lyrics master and Voice from Hopi 3rd Mesa.  Reggae with old school consciousness.  If Your Are Ready, track 6 includes a shout out to Vermont Natives!  Play All!

ANTH: Reggae – Dis Is Reggae Soul Vol.1 – Jamaican Grooves (Paris DJs Soundsystem)

A super fusion of Jamaican ska & classic reggae with Afro funk & soul, brought to you by DJ Lilly Nachos, who requested this, and by the Paris DJs’ talented contributors with hands-on participation & lots of remixing by Grant Phabao.  Tracks by Ocote Soul Sounds, The Lone Ranger, The Jays, The Silvertones, and many […]

Hollie Cook – Twice (Mr Bongo)

Second throwback-reggae-tinged tropical pop CD from this British vocalist; daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook & Culture Club vocalist Jeni Cook (Boy George is Holly’s godfather). Formerly with the post-punk band “The Slits”. Features well-integrated strings by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra! Nice laid-back summer music to make you sway.

The Sounds Of Reality-Casper Loma Da Wa

Casper Loma Da Wah is lead vocalist, lyrics writer and producer of this CD from his company, Third Mesa Music.  Special guests include John Trudell on Track 9.(.spoken word artist)..From the Hopi and Dineh Nations Casper brings Reggae fused with Indigenous thinking and lifestyle.  Track 10 Crossing The Borders is an example of social justice […]

John Brown’s Body – Kings and Queens

Group’s seventh and latest full-length studio album and first since Amplify in 2008. Future roots, reggae, and dub with intricately balanced weaving of vocals, percussion, keyboard, bass, guitar, and stunning 3-piece horn section. Album begins dark and heavy (lyrically, rhythmically, and instrumentally) as dub goes and progresses into the sublime sounds characterized by JBB’s unique […]