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Many New Trails to Blaze

The University of Alabama at Birminghan Chamber Trio (UAB Trio) consists of clarinet, trumpet and piano, an unusual combination. This CD reflects their commissioned works and are so very interesting! Play!

Concertante–Modern Works for Guitar

Contemporary classical guitar with Latin elements by Campbell Ross or Ariel and Gerardo Dirie. Play!

Waking the Sparrows

Duo of soprano and guitar, varying styles and composers. Musical accompaniment lovely.

Ted Coffey–Works for Dance

Pieces composed for dances, ambient sounds, computer noises, some droning. Trk 5 cacaphonous.

Dreams Laid Down

For solo classical guitar, contemporary pieces, yet still resembling older era’s pieces. Play!

Michael Wittgraf–Manifold

Guitar-based pieces both lyrical/abstract, with computer and/or voice. Play!

The Music of Gina Biver

Longish pieces for a nice mix of instruments including marimba, electric guitar and strings. Play/sample most!

Scott Barton–Stylistic Alchemies

HIghly electronic, abstract works for guitar, some voice, strings. Interesting!

Douglas Anderson–One at a Time

Abstract solo works for a variety of instruments, some with tape. Interesting!

Stuart Weber–The Fifth Row

Guitar pieces and transcriptions of all kinds of music, performed in historic theaters. Play most!

Shadow Etchings–New Music for Flute

Except for the 1st tr., very abstract pieces, trk 4 with droning voice.

Robert Morris–Rippling

Two long, electroacoustic pieces with water sounds and voice. Sample.

Steven Kemper–Mythical Spaces

Inspired by myths, electro-acoustic with robotic instruments. Mostly quiet with slow starts.

Alla Elana Cohen

Fairly abstract pieces for cello & piano, some discordant, others more mellow

Kid Stuff–McCormick Percussion Group

Contemporary pieces for mixed percussion, some with piano, both forceful and lyrical. Play most!

Christopher Biggs–Decade Zero

These are works for instruments and electronics, ranging from cacaphonous and dissonant to accessible  (clarinet pieces.)

L.K. Mertz–Verdi’s Guitar

Solo guitar works by Mertz  (19th cent.) based on Verdi’s operas. Gracious!

Doug Bielmeier–Betty and the Sensory World

Described as electronic music for meditation. Too loud in my opinion, but each to his own. Sample.

Brian Belet–Sufficient Trouble

Kyma (visual programming language for sound design according to wikipedia) with altered voices, instruments, sounds.

Ken Walicki–Cyberistan

Electro-acoustic works for a variety of  instruments–mostly gentle, trk 5 aggressive. Play!

Bill Whitley-I Dream Awake

The composer describes his music as suspended sound objects–nice mix of instruments, flowing rhythms. Play!

Steve Rouse–Morphic Resonance

Varied abstract works interesting instrumental combinations. Play!

Twilight Remembered

Really good flute & percussion pieces. Play, play, play!

Alla Elana Cohen–Red Lilies of Bells

A mix of instrumental and voice, more tense and edgy than quiet, interesting!

Flamethrower–New Music for Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Interactive Electroacoustics

As the title indicates, works for horns with additional computer effects–definitely abstract, eerie.