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Kirk O’ Riordan–Autumn Winds

Mostly vocal works with lyrical piano accompaniment. Play!

Anne Neikirk–Spring Shadows

Abstract, mostly lyrical works for sax, flute, harp or percussion, with subtle electronics

Clickable–The Art of Persuasion

Flute and percussion (vibes, marimba etc) with words covering the topics of social media, novels, ads and folk stories.

Mirrored Glass

Wonderful minimalist pieces by Southam and Glass, transcribed for marimba. Play!

Leonard V. Ball Jr.–Worlds Translucent

Abstract works for string duet or string with piano, not always lyrical but evocative of the subject (night visions, trees, assorted daily activities). Play!

Maija Hynninen–Dawn Breaks

For instruments, electronics, and voice, mysterious and wandering pieces. Play!

James O’ Callaghan–Alone & Unalone

Reminded me a bit of a soundtrack for a suspense film–tense, staccato, bleats of winds and silence–sample!


Contemporary clarinet works, meandering, lovely and varying. Play!

Amor Fati

Gracious, transcriptions and originals, modern and and contemporary. Play!

For the Peace of Cities

Dark, somber works for orchestra, inspired by awful events throughout the world.

Soli for Tuba, Zheng, Horn, with Percussion

The McCormick Percussion Group performs abstract, varying works with varied instrumental combinations. Those with zheng are particularly nice!

Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi–Tacit-Citation

Fairly abstract works for electronics, fixed media, voice and/or instruments. Instrumentals interesting.

Richard Carr–Places I’ve Walked

Lovely, evocative works for a variety of instruments, inspired by his world-wide treks. Environmental sounds, voices in addition to instruments. Play!

Thad Anderson–Lines & Spaces

Compositions for percussion, strings, live processing using his “duration lines” theory–building layers of sound–ambient, minimialist, nice!


Fuego Saxophone Quartet performs these lyrical to very abstract works, even eerie, by Maslanka, Albright and Mettens. Play!

Jeff Morris–With Strings

Strongly electronic cello pieces–violin works range from acoustic to electronic. Play!

David Rosenboom–Deviant Resonances

Experimental music, soundscapes with instruments/electronics, ambient and machine-like. Sample.

Frederic D’Haene– Music with Silent Aitake’s

Mr. D’Haene describes his musical composition technique as “paradoxophony”–“elements from all kinds of backgrounds that can work together in a mutually reinforcing way.” This CD combines western instruments with the Japanese gagaku orchestra and has lots of droning–very abstract

Phil Salathe–Imaginary Birds

Fun, quirky, storey-telling works for oboe and/or English Horn. Enjoy!

Ferrucio Busoni–The Late Works

Recognized for his rejection of Late Romanticism and exemplary of the early modern, these are piano pieces composed through his life, from elegant to powerful and strident.

Paul Lombardi–Pieces of Mind & Matter

Fairly intense string duets, abstract, interesting! Sample/play!

Matthew Burtner–Glacier Music

Water sounds and added sonification of dying glaciers–ambient, sad and beautiful. Play!


Nice combination of saxophone and flute, contemporary pieces, play!

Ed Martin–Journeys

Mostly flowing, abstract works for solo piano. Play!

Many New Trails to Blaze

The University of Alabama at Birminghan Chamber Trio (UAB Trio) consists of clarinet, trumpet and piano, an unusual combination. This CD reflects their commissioned works and are so very interesting! Play!