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ACE Composers II

Continuing a series of contemporary works by composers, this album featuring father and sons works for mixed instruments. Interesting!

Chaos + Contemplation

Very abstract varied works for sax + percussion, some dissonance.

Center Chamber–Chamber Music with Saxophone

Contemporary works for sax or the forgotten connosax (sax + english horn + heckelphone created in 1928 with a vaudeville sound). Nice!

Avner Finberg–The Four Seasons of Isolation

For violin + electronics, somber works and Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven with music.

Sarah Belle Reid & David Rosemboom–NOWS

With synthesizers, computers, electronics + instruments, sci-fi sounding works.

Globe Travel Homeland

Piano duo + percussion, all contemporary/abstract. Play!

Caleb Vaughn-Jones–Two Worlds Called Home

Gracious works for cello and piano.

Mind & Machine

Highly varied works for electronics and instruments.

In Tandem

Contemporary works for Violin + other instruments, varied and lyrical.

Matthew Burtner–Icefield

Sound sculptures of glaciers and ice, electroacoustic. Play!

Into The Green

Electroacoustic or acoustic clarinet, varied works, abstract.

James Dashow–Soundings in Pure Duration Vol. 2

Electroacoustic works with wind instruments, eerie, mechanical.

Soprano Summit

Soprano sax + piano, contemporary works, lyrical to strident.

…and nothing remains the same…

Contemporary flute with strings. Play!

Heard Again for the First Time

Varied musical eras, modern to contemporary, saxophone + orchestra.

Genius Loci– Audacities and Proprieties

Abstract works for guitar with ensemble or solo. Play!

Bill Whitely–Absent Light: In Paradisum

3 long works, ambient with vocals, nice instrumentation with vibes, electric guitar and others. Play!

James Dashow–Synchronies

Works for instruments with or without electronics, very abstract.

Herb Deutsch–Encounters

Contemporary, really interesting works with jazz elements, winds and strings. Play!

Lo & Behold

Percussion works (mostly drums) and accompaniment. Play!

Mind & Machine

For a variety of instruments and electronics, some lyrical others fairly electronic, one with theremin sounds.

Betty R. Wishart–Moods

A mix of originals and transcriptions of pieces, abstract or jazzy, the preludes are lovely.

Mike Frengel–Music for Guitar & Electronics

Varied, decidedly avant and abstract works, but some country pieces!

Strings & Hammers

The McCormick Percussion Group performs these fairly abstract works, some with slow start, most longer than 5 mins. Play most!


Highly varying works for piano and/or electronics, lyrical to very abstract.