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Grimskunk – Unreason in the Age of Madness [Indica]

Politically-charged punk music from Montreal-based band. Reminiscent of classic Canadian punk acts such as Nomeansno at times. Sound occasionally gets heavier on some tracks, but for the most part this is straightforward punk rock. Play: 1,2,6 FCC: 3,4,8 RIYL: Nomeansno, Jello Biafra, Turbonegro

The Obsessed- Sacred

The Obsessed– Sacred Release date: 2017Apr07 Label: Relapse Rating: 4/5 Formed by Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus),  The Obsessed return with their first record since 1994’s The Church Within. Punk Crusher and Haywire serve up punk-ish doom rock. Stranger Things is a  melodic romp through the desert. Razor Wire sounds a lot like a certain […]

The Muffs – Whoop Dee Doo

After 10 years The Muffs have finally released a record reminiscent of their typical 90’s, emotional, super-enunciated, upbeat pop-punk rock. Similar to the kind that graced the Clueless movie in 1995, the songs project Kim Shattuck’s voice, unchanged by time, still howling glottal stops and moaning vowels. All the songs kinda do sound the same, though. […]

Oblivians- Desperation

Oblivians– Desperation Release date: 2013May28 Label: In The Red Rating: 5/5 I don’t consider press blurbs to be reliable or useful (“soulful punk-garage-blues-trash” what?) so I’ll rely on my ears for this one. “I’ll Be Gone” gets things off to a great start. My choice picks include “Loving Cup” (reminds me of Mojo Nixon or […]

Street Dogs- Crooked Drunken Sons/Rustbelt Nation EP

Street Dogs– Crooked Drunken Sons/Rustbelt Nation EP Release date: 2013May21 Label: Pirates Press Rating:  3.5/5 The latest EP from the Street Dogs is actually a radio promo that combines both their Crooked Drunken Sons and Rustbelt Nation EPs into one. I enjoyed the last release they put out and I look forward to their upcoming […]

Transplants- In A Warzone

Transplants– In A Warzone Release date: 2013Jun25 Label: Epitaph Records Rating: 4/5 For those not familiar, The Transplants are a side project of Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Tim Timebomb) and Travis Barker (Blink 182) with Skinhead Rob as the third man. Their last album had more of a hip-hop influence. On In A War Zone, they […]