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Pallbearer- Dropout EP

Pallbearer– Dropout EP Release date: 2018Apr13 Label: Profound Lore Rating: 3/5 I was thrilled at first to see new material from Pallbearer. However, I feel that this is an uninspiring effort. The strongest track is I Saw The End, which is a radio edit as well. The other tracks are unmemorable. I personally prefer their […]

Pallbearer- Fear and Fury EP

Pallbearer– Fear and Fury EP Release date: 2016Aug10 Label: Profound Lore Rating: 4.5/5 Pallbearer return with a remastered version of the title track and two covers, one of Black Sabbath and the other being Type O Negative. Fear and Fury defines them with a crisp, melancholy vibe. Over & Over is softer, thicker than the […]

Witch Mountain- Mobile of Angels

Witch Mountain– Mobile of Angels Release date: 2014Sep30 Label: Profound Lore FCC: Check Try: 1,2,4 Rating: 4/5 Witch Mountain are an under-rated doom band. This is their fourth release and last with vocalist Uta Plotkin. “Psycho Animundi” creeps with smokey riffs.”Can’t Settle” gets off to a damning start with the introduction of melody toward the […]