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Heterotic-Weird Drift

The latest from Heterotic is an album titled Weird Drift. The music has a spacey Synth Dance vibe to it with hints of New Wave and Atmospheric Bass Music along with falsetto vocals from artist Vezelay. The music is upbeat and very dance floor friendly but the spacey aspect adds a nice dreamy vibe as […]


Mercury is the debut album from the group Miracle. The music is pure retro 80’s Synth Pop with a Kraftwerk-esque Techno backdrop. The tracks are pretty straight forward and remind us the 80’s will live on forever and ever and ever. Tracks: 3,5,6,9


Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, 25-year-old John Withers draws influence from a diverse range of global styles — dub reggae, R&B, classical, jazz, African dance music — and combines them into his self-titled debut album as John Wizards. Armed with a guitar, a microphone, and a few computer programs, Withers composed and recorded the […]