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Truth, Love & Liberty

FM359– Truth, Love & Liberty Release date: 2014Jan14 Label: Pirates Press Rating: 3.5/5 FM359 is a side project of former Dropkick Murphys frontman and current Street Dogs frontman, Mike McColgan. It also features another former member of the DKM in Rick Barton (Continental). The press release describes it as a folksy take on punk rock […]

Street Dogs- Crooked Drunken Sons/Rustbelt Nation EP

Street Dogs– Crooked Drunken Sons/Rustbelt Nation EP Release date: 2013May21 Label: Pirates Press Rating:  3.5/5 The latest EP from the Street Dogs is actually a radio promo that combines both their Crooked Drunken Sons and Rustbelt Nation EPs into one. I enjoyed the last release they put out and I look forward to their upcoming […]