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Piano works (some with flute), by Ives and Bauer, remarkably modern for the years in which they were composed.

Bach to Black Vol. II– Suites for Piano

Interesting mix of Bach works (Baroque period) with modern works by Black composers.

Vintage Americana

Six American composers’ works, tonal to atonal, varied. Play most!


Varied works for piano (one with electronics) from different musical eras.

Echoes of Life

Alice Sara Ott performs solo piano works from different eras, different composers. Nice mix!

The French Album

Pianist Jorge Federico Osorio plays French pieces from the Classical, Romantic periods to modern, mostly well-known.

Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange Charm–Cobalt Duo

Contemporary piano works ranging from lyrical to dissonant.

Latin–Piano Music for Four Hands from South America

By South American, Spanish and American composers, tangos in the Latin style, from late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Play!

Latin American Music for 2 Pianos

Lush, romantic, modern tangos and waltzes, including works by Copland and Bolcom.

Homage to Godowsky

Romantic, lush works for piano, from the early to mid 1800’s, by many composers less well-known.

Nocturnes and Lullabies

Some of these are fairly tense and strident for piano nocturnes, all contemporary and interesting!

Kancheli–33 Miniatures

Works by Kancheli, Altunyan and Tsintsadze, demonstrating “simple piano” pieces, some with cello. Play!

Doorways–Half-Remembered Music

Comparing and contrasting works for solo piano, demonstrating that while composers seek to create new music, they also look to the past. Play!

Northern Lights–Finnish Favorites

Gracious, Romantic with folk elements, all fairly short solo piano pieces from early 20th century. Play!

Brahmsiana–Music By and Inspired by Brahms

Gracious, elegant works by Brahms and by contemporary composers emulating his style. Play!

The Etudes Project–Vol. 1 Iceberg

Varying interesting mix of piano studies and mostly contemporary/modern, intense to lyrical. Play!


David Kadouch performs pieces by Dussek,  Beethoven, Chopin and Janacek amongst others, in pieces covering musical eras.

Dance–Through the Centuries

Per the title, works for piano from Baroque to modern era, some well-known.


Moving through eras, Romantic to modern, lots of Latin American composers! Play!

Great Pianists as Composers

Known as pianists (Schnabel, Lipatti and Gould) and one each of their compositions from 1930’s to 1940’s. Varying and interesting. Play!

Arboles de Vidrio–Musica Contemporanea para Piano

Interesting, mostly lyrical, contemporary Mexican solo piano pieces. Nice!

Colour and Light–20th Century British Piano Music

British works, modern, either lyrical or abstract, and most very short. Play!

Direct Contact

Solo piano pieces by varied composers, all modern/contemporary. Excellent!

Beyond the Traveler

From 20th century Arkansas composers, solo piano works that vary greatly in style an\

Poetry of Places

Nadia Shpachenko continues her pianistic explorations with new works about particular places and their traits. Some strident and abstract, others lyrical. Play!