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Archtypes–Sergio & Clarice Assad

Nice mix of contemporary percussion, piano, some voice. Play!

Quartet Quintet

London Symphony Orchestra Percussion Ensemble performs a variety of works/transcriptions by Reich, Corea, Simcock and others. Play!


Quey Percussion Duo (vibraphone, marimba, assorted percussion) performs these contemporary works, all varying. Play!

Speed of Sound

The Univ. of Virginia Percussion Ensemble performs all these recent compositions ranging from raucous to lyrical marimba. Play!

Soli for Tuba, Zheng, Horn, with Percussion

The McCormick Percussion Group performs abstract, varying works with varied instrumental combinations. Those with zheng are particularly nice!

Of Love and Loss

Delicate percussion pieces, some with spoken word/singing by the percussionist and others.

Long Roll

Composer/percussionist and professor–some of these pieces were written as a tribute to him, others by composers ffrom 1927 on, all modern.

Kid Stuff–McCormick Percussion Group

Contemporary pieces for mixed percussion, some with piano, both forceful and lyrical. Play most!

Taking Charge

The trio Assem3ly (percussion, flute & piano) performs contemporary pieces by various composers, some bordering avant. Play!


Interesting, contemporary, percussion pieces performed by Los Angeles Percussion Quartet. Play!

Twilight Remembered

Really good flute & percussion pieces. Play, play, play!

A MIraculous Tale: Mixed Music for Percussion & Saxophone

A lovely mix of pieces ranging from quiet to lively, one with Middle Eastern elements, all contemporary. Play!

James Whetzel – Beatology Volume 1 (Olin Place)

New explorations into the rhythmic possibilities of the funk beat – 31 variations in fact! All tracks composed & performed by Whetzel, a multi-instrumentalist & master of the sarod – a many stringed fretless instrument played like a guitar. Lots of electronic instrumentation here as well. Includes subtle Asian flavors. Listen on Bandcamp here

Tom Teasley – Eastern Journey (self-released)

Our favorite US Cultural Envoy & master percussionist continues his journey along the Silk Road, this time exploring the rhythms of the Far East. Inspired by such things as Korean samul nori drumming & Chinese opera, this is also Tom’s soundtrack for a play based on a 16th century (Ming Dynasty) Chinese novel. What a […]

The Art of the Percussions

Lovely transcriptions for vibraphone/marimba. Ravel’s and Tortiller’s works gorgeous! Play!

Endekalaidos–Contemporary Mexican Percussion

The Tambuco Percussion Ensemble performs young, Mexican composers’ works. Play!

Ripples–Modern Chamber Works with Percussion

Varied, interesting pieces paired with piano, sax or ensemble. Play!

World of Percussion

A collection of abstract pieces for various solo percussion instruments, some with computer or electronics. Works with vibraphone nice!

Playtime! (Percussion)

A  mix of modern and contemporary works for various percussion, with or without accompaniment, some with voice. Instrumentals mostly wonderful. Play!

Plot: Music for Unspecified Instrumentation

Classical/avant percussion works from 1930 on. Sample.

Zones–Philadelphia Percussion Project Vol. II

Fairly abstract, almost avant-garde works for percussion. Gauger’s nice marimba/vibraphones, bells, etc.

Detours–Music for Percussion and Piano

A mix of classical and jazz pieces, some film soundtracks. Try 1-4. Trk 4 is a version of Take Five.

American Masterpieces for Solo Percussion

Varying works for marimba and other percussion instruments, Wolff’s nice!

Prelude to Paradise–TCU Percussion Orchestra

All commissioned works, these are interesting pieces inspired by birds, doors, physics, the eye. Mostly  lyrical and building in density to greater strength.

Between Rock & A Hard Place–Plugged and Unplugged

The title refers to the composer’s seeing the connections between heavy metal and some avant-garde classical pieces. This piece is also performed “unplugged”. Other works are quiet, minimialist. Play! Trks 1-4 suitable for metal/hard rock programming.