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Ambient Resonances

Abstract and mostly lyrical works for marimba and vibraphone. Play!

Naama Liany–Daydream

Mezzo soprano performs highly varied composers’ works. Mompou’s especially nice!

Rich Pellegrin–Solitude

Lyrical, impressionistic solo piano improvisations. Play!

Dan Dean–Fanfare for the Common Man

Vocal renditions of recognizable classical works by Holst, Bach, Mendelssohn and others.

Doug Lofstrom–Music for Strings

Elegant, contemporary works for strings with nice plucking accents!

Michael Waldrop–Time Frames

A mix of percussion instruments, with strings and other instrments on some pieces–jazz and classical, gracious and lively marimba! Play!


Idit Shner has commissioned these recent works for saxophone and piano, lilting and flowing. Play!

Aaron Lington–Secondary Impressions

Contemporary transcriptions or originals for bass saxophone and piano. Very nice!

The Pythiad–Jim Gailloreto’s Jazz String Quintet

Vocal works with string quintet, more classical than jazz, hence released under Origin’s Classical branch. Nice pieces, especially Jaco Pastorius.

Jim Knapp–Approaching Vyones

Jim Knapp’s Scrape performs his classical/jazz hybrids (more classical than jazz). Trks 9 + 10 very slow! Trk 8 particularly nice.

Le Merle Noir

Saxophonist Idit Shner’s 2nd release, accompanied with piano on most tracks. Modern to contemporary pieces by Bozza, Glass, Messiaen and others. Play most!