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Ogre- Thrice As Strong

Ogre– Thrice As Strong Release date: 2019Oct25 Label- Cruz del Sur Rating: 5/5 Rejoice, for Ogre have returned. The Future is an epic doom rocker from start to finish. Hive Mind channels Deep Purple with a touch of blues. Big Man is smoky smooth  with a touch of punk drums. Judgement Day wags a sonic middle finger with merciless […]

Ogre- Seven Hells

Ogre– Seven Hells Release date: 2013Mar05 Label: self Rating: 4.5/5 Ogre is a little known band out of Portland, Maine that were heavily influenced by Deep Purple, Pentagram and Black Sabbath among others. Seven Hells is actually a re-release as the 2007 original was pressed by Leafhound Records. “Dogmen (of Planet Earth)” is what I […]