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Wykan- Brigid- Of The Night

Wykan– Brigid- Of The Night Release date: 2019Jun07 Label: Self-released Rating: 3.5/5 Wykan hail from Montreal, QC with their newest release. Imbolc (The Cleansing) is full of soft vocals set to foreboding drums, breaking into an epic bass dirge. Breo Saighead drips of hazy doom, thunderous riffs following. Rei-Luil Bride eschews the softness with pounding heaviness. I […]

Lucifer’s Chalice- The Pact

Lucifer’s Chalice– The Pact Release date: 2017Sep29 Label: Shadow Kingdom Rating: 3.5/5 Lucifer’s Chalice hail from the UK with a strong occult influence spread over four tracks.Hung at the Crossroads brings demented thrash set to a tale of murder and intrigue. The Pact conveys a twisted sense of urgency set against thunderous bass. Full Moon […]

Sabbath Assembly- Rites of Passage

Sabbath Assembly– Rites of Passage Release date: 2017May12 Label: Svart Records Rating: 4/5 Sabbath Assembly hail from TX and NYC with a potent mix of occult rock. Shadows Revenge takes no prisoners with dark, foreboding riffs set to thick, rolling drums. Angel’s Trumpets is soft, melodic with dark, dirty bass licks.  Does Love Die is full of harmonic […]

Orchid- The Mouths of Madness

Orchid- The Mouths of Madness Release date: 20130426 Label: Nuclear Blast Rating: 5/5 Orchid return with The Mouths of Madness. I previously reviewed the Wizard of War EP, which only added to my anticipation of this release. “The Mouths of Madness” starts off with chugging bass and smoky guitars. “Marching Dogs of War” absolutely kills […]

Uncle Acid- Mind Control

Uncle Acid- Mind Control Release date: 20130416 Label: Rise Above Rating: 5/5 Mind Control is the latest release from Uncle Acid. It combines dark magic and doom to exert total aural dominance over the listener. “Mt.Abraxas” captures the spirit of Black Sabbath’s Vol.4 with immaculate riffs that one could mistake for those of Tony and […]