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Witchthroat Serpent- Swallow the Venom

Witchthroat Serpent– Swallow The Venom Release date: 2018Nov23 Label: Svart Records Rating: 4/5 Witchthroat Serpent hail from Toulouse, France. Feu sacre╠ü sears the soul. Lucifer’s Fire rages, bleaker than fuck. Pauper’s Grave plods eerily in unison. The Might of the Unfall is fierce with thunderous riffs. Scorpent Serpion is infectious, thumping the eardrums. Red Eye […]

Bloody Hammers- Lovely Sort of Death

Bloody Hammers– Lovely Sort of Death Release date: 2016Aug05 Label: Napalm Rating: 4/5 Think synth-doom. Lights Come Alive with scratches and pops, accompanied by a foreboding voice. The Reaper Comes, wielding a scepter of droning synth melded to soft drumbeats. Infinite Gaze to the Sun stomps with tasty, sludgy licks. Stoke The Fire and Catastrophe […]


Mount Salem– Endless Release date: 2014Apr04 Label: Metal Blade Rating: 5/5 Mount Salem are a four piece psychedelic doom band hailing from Chicago, IL. All tracks recorded in a vintage manner, similar to that of bands like Orchid and Uncle Acid. “Good Times” oozes with raw energy, plodding into “The Tower”. The latter is full […]