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Cooke, Jones & Williams–Oboe Sonatas

Modern to contemporary works for oboe and piano, one by the oboist. nice!

Bhavani’s Oboe

Modern works for oboe with flute and/or piano. Nice mix!

Souvenirs–Music for Oboe and Piano

From Romantic to modern, a diverse mix of works from composers from 5 countries. Nice!

Stolen Treasures for Oboe and Piano

“Stolen” as in transcribed works from violin or flute by Mozart, Grieg and Prokofiev–recognizable and gracious.

Twentieth Century Oboe Sonatas

Classical, Romantic and Modern works, fast or slow. Play!

Oboe Rarities–Original Works for Oboe and Piano

Classical/Romantic era works. Nice!

Endeavor–Works for Oboe and Piano

Nice mix of pieces, modern (one Romantic). Play!

Portuguese Perspectives–Music for Oboe, Piano and Strings

All contemporary pieces, play most!

Orion Nocturne

Contemporary pieces for oboe or English Horn with accompaniment. Rhythmically varying, play most!

With All Strings Attached

Nice mix of modern oboe chamber music with strings, by Larson, Bolcom, Moravec and others. Play!


Beautiful Brazilian pieces for oboe, guitar and other instruments, modern and contemporary. Play!


Contemporary works for oboe and ensemble. Interesting variety, play most!

Airs, Blues & Dances

A collection of contemporary works for oboe, either solo or with piano, all composed within the last 3o yrs. Nice variety of styles, tempi. Play!

Scene Rustique–Music for Oboe & Piano

Gracious and modern pieces for oboe & piano. Play!

Silver & Gold

Gracious, early modern works for oboe and small ensemble. Works by Reinecke, Wunderer, Arnold and Moricz. Play!

Vaughn Williams, MacMillan & Britten–Oboe Concertos

British oboe concertos, varying but all modern & contemporary. Play most!

Music from America and Abroad for Oboe, Bassoon & Piano

Fun, lilting to sad and gracious pieces by various composers. Play!

Sad Steps–Music of Tragedy and Grief

Despite the title, some these pieces are quite strong and varied, with works by Lutoslwaski, Hass, Moe, et al. Play!


Nice collection of works for solo oboe, or with harp or piano, ranging from Baroque to modern. Play!

Czech Contemporary Music for Oboe

A variety of works ranging from sweetly lyrical to boisterous, including strings, horn or chamber orchestra. Play!