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Nate Young – Regression “Blinding Confusion” (NNA Tapes)

Young’s NNA follow up to 2011’s “Stay Asleep: Regression Vol. 2”. Young is from Detroit, and his rustbelt-inspired, dark electronic arrangements evoke somber images of death, apocalyptic landscapes, the undead, creepy hospital wards.  Atonal studies, unrelenting dirge.  Young’s horrific zone is unique and calculated, minimal and spacious.  Album artwork by the artist himself.  

Ryan Power – Identity Picks (NNA Tapes)

RyPow’s NNA follow up to last year’s “I Don’t Want To Die”. “An eight track song cycle that dances through lush jazz pads, aquatic smooth jazz funk styles, and the sensitive side of progressive rock” (from NNA). “Eight long songs created to help give my life meaning” – says the artist. Power’s perspective is grounded, […]