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Bogus Order- Zen Brakes vol. 2

In 1990 Bogus Order released Zen Brakes the very first release on Ninja Tune. 27 years later they have released a follow up album titled Zen Brakes vol. 2. The music overall has a pretty mellow vibe with elements of Trip Hop, Dubstep, 8-Bit and Downtempo. The music has a bit of mystery to it […]

Forest Swords-Compassion

Compassion is Forest Swords, second full length album. The music is a little hard to describe. One reviewer described it as “if there was a rave in the Upside Down Dimension in “Stranger Things” Forest Sword would have made for the perfect soundtrack.” There is a corrupted House vibe here but there are also elements […]

The Bug vs. Earth-Concrete Desert

The album Concrete Desert is the collaboration of The Bug Vs. Earth. These two artists have been making music well over twenty years and have collaborated with several different artists including King Midas Sound, Gonjasufi, and Kevin Broadrick to name a few. The music is a mix of Drone Ambient and Dark Ambient and has […]

Nathan Fake-Providence

Providence is Nathan Fake Latest work. The music has a frenetic IDM sound with similar to Clark with some hints of Boards of Canada or Orbital. Not bad overall but it doesn’t really stand out, solid though. RIYD: Clark, Fhloston Paradigm, Boards of Canada, Orbital Tracks: 4,5,6,11


Bonobo’s latest album, his sixth, is titled Migration. The music is his usual mix of Ambient, Downtempo and Folktronica. There are a few upbeat tracks mixed in adding some variety to the album. Overall not much new here from Bonobo but still a solid chillout album. RIYD: Caribou, Jon Hopkins Tracks: All Good

Max Graef and Glenn Astro-The Yard Work Simulator Remixes

The Yard Work Simulator Remixes from Max Graef and Glenn Astro contains four tracks from that album. The original edits are pretty whacked out Experimental Jazz but the tracks here, while still funky and off beat have more of an EDM (mostly House) vibe to them balancing the sound. Overall some pretty solid remixes. Tracks: […]

Letherette-Last Night On The Planet

Letherette’s latest album is titled Last Night On The Planet. The music bounces around a bit, the title track is pure Hip Hop but then the album shifts with tracks having Disco Dance/Synth Dance, Ambient Dance, Electro Soul, and House. The album kind of sneaks up on you, about a third of the way through […]

Romare-Love Songs pt. 2

Romare’s latest, his second, is an album titled Love Songs: Part Two. The album “explores every nook and cranny of the romantic impulse from dirty sex to religious fervour across ten tracks which develop and expand upon the casual brilliance of his debut, “Projections”, establishing him as one of the most exciting, confident and distinctive […]

Illum Sphere-Glass

Illum Sphere’s second album on the Nina Tune label is titled Glass. The music is rooted in IDM but has touches of Ambient Dance and House. The music is a little more concise than his debut and while it still has some sharpness to it the music is more refined than his previous work Ghosts […]

Machinedrum-Human Energy

Human Energy is the latest from Machinedrum. The music has more of a Glitch Pop feel to it and you hear little hints reflecting the artist’s (real name Travis Stewart) interest in New Age holistic healing. That said you still hear hints of Post Dubstep, Jungle and Bass Music mixed into this lighter fare and […]

Max Graef and Glenn Astro-The Yard Work Simulator

Where The F**k Are My Boiled Eggs is an album from the duo of Max Graef and Glenn Astro. The music has an eclectic, experimental Jazz sound that feels old school and funky. RIYD: Seven Davis Jr., VHS Head Tracks: 2,3,6,8 FCC: Track 2 title

Samuel-LUV CRY

LUV CRY is the latest work from the artist Samuel. The music is pretty much Electro R&B and with Samuel’s smooth vocals being the main focus. RIYD: Sohn, Michael Brock, River Tiber Tracks: All Good Except FCC #3

Space Dimension Controller-Orange Melanine

Orange Melanine is an album from Space Dimension Controller. The music has an IDM feel with some glitchy scratchiness added. The music sounds like it was recorded on a cassette that’s really old and beat up but it has an unusual beauty to it as well. RIYD: Clark, Monokle, Arca Tracks: 3,5,6,8,9,13

Ash KJoosha- I AKA I

I AKA I is the first release from Iranian-born artist Ash Koosha on the Ninja Tune label. The music blends elements of 8-Bit, Electro Hop and IDM and has an experimental feel to it. The artist has similarities to Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus and Arca but has his own distinct style. A little different but […]

Throwing Shade-House of Silk

The latest from artist Throwing Shade is titled House of Silk. The music is a mix of Ambient, Synth Pop and Dreamwave and has a nice, well, dreamy vibe to it. Very nice. RIYD: Jam City, Holly Herndon, Sophie Tracks: All Good

Rabit & Dedekind-R&D

Rabit has teamed up with Lee Bannon under the moniker of Dedekind Cut. The album, R&D, contains four tracks and has a broken Jungle sound with elements of Ambient, Atmospheric Bass Music and Dupstep. The tracks sound deconstructed and dystopian but have a good flow with a futuristic feel. Hopefully we’ll hear more from this […]


Refresh is a four track EP from Letherette. The music has a Synth House feel and the tracks are smooth and dance floor friendly. RIYD: Teebs, Lapalux Tracks: All Good

King Midas Sound/Fennesz-Edition 1

King Midas Sound and guitarist Fennesz have teamed up for an album titled Edition 1. This is first in a series of four albums but as of now those future collaborators are unknown. On this album the music has a fuzzy, mellow, Downtempo feel and could also be described as Narco Dub. The music is […]

Seven Davis Jr.-Universes

Debut from artist Seven Davis Jr. is titled Universes. The music is a mix of Disco, Funk and Soul and has an experimental quality to it that gives it a funky yet fun feel to the tracks. RIYD: Peven Everett, George Clinton Tracks: 3,4,5,8,10

Lee Bannon-Pattern of Excel

Pattern of Excel is the latest work from Lee Bannon. Bannon started out in the Hip Hop world and then branched out into Bass Music, Drum&Bass and Dubstep. Pattern of Excel is again a new path for Bannon but instead of going off in a completely new direction, this album is more an evolution of […]

U-We Decide Who Comes In

We Decide Who Comes In is the latest effort from the illusive London producer U. The music is rooted in Bass Music with dark, thumping bass beats, sharp Burial-esque drums and elements of Berlin Techno giving the music a sleek, urban feel. RIYD: Moire, Actress Tracks: All Good

Seven Davis Jr.-Good Vibes

Good Vibes is a sampler from Seven Davis Jr. The music is an upbeat, fun mix of Disco Dance, Funk, Soul, and has a little bit of experimentation mixed in. The tracks don’t have a “standard” sound which helps set them apart from the rest of the pack and this has a good backyard barbeque […]

Jaga Jazzist-Starfire

The latest from Jaga Jazzist is titled Starfire. While there is still an electronic edge to this album, the music has more of a straight up Jazz feel than previous works. There’s also a cosmic feel to the music so you will have a good soundtrack to listen to while traveling to the next galaxy. […]

Dorian Concept-Joined Ends Remix

Joined Ends Remix takes five tracks from Dorian Concept’s Joined Ends and, you know, remixes them. The remixes have a similar experimental vibe to them and are mostly a mix of IDM, Ambient, Folktronica and Pop Dance. Some notable artist remixing here are Bibio and Redinho. This will complement the original nicely and has a […]


Debut album from artist Romare is titled Projections. The artist is inspired by the collage artist Romare Bearden whose work depicted various aspects of African-American life. The music definitely draws on different African-American music influences from Blues to R&B to Juke all wrapped in an electronica sound. More specifically, there are elements of Ambient, Electro-Hop, […]