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Shih-Hui Chen–Silvergrass & Other Orchestral Works

Contemporary works for Chinese traditional instruments with orchestra–rhythmically varying. Nice!

Charles Amirkhanian–Loudspeakers

Pianola/player piano and MIDI and text-sound pieces with electronics and voices.

Lola Williams–Where Should This Music Be?

A self-taught composer, with songs based on Shakespeare’s sonnets, with piano accompaniment.

Daniel Lentz–Ending(s)

Slowly building, quiet string orchestra–2 long works, second with voice, sample!

Robert Erickson–Duo, Fives, Quintet, Trio

Interesting, abstract works for winds, strings, and piano. Play!

Max Giteck Duykers–Folding Music

Abstract pieces for “pierrot ensemble + perussion (flute, violin, cello,  viola, clarinet) and combos. thereof. Sample!

Robert Palmer–Piano Music

Modern works by a forgotten American composer, irregular rhythms. Play!

James Tenney– Changes: 64 Studies for 6 Harps

Somewhat staccato, very short, and interesting abstract harp pieces. Play!

Peter Thoegersen–Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality

Radical composer with many layered polymicrotonal synthesizer. Sample.

Catherine Lamb–Atmospheres Transparent/Opaque

Sonic and tonal explorations,  intermingling, droning, expressing how sounds can be difficult to individualize, just like the color spectrum and its shades. The Dedalus Ensemble performs (elec. guitar, winds, strings, voice).

Alvin Curran–Endangered Species

Taking art songs, traditionals, etc. rendered fairly cacaphonous with all kinds of sounds, noises, voices of all kinds.

Kate Soper–Ipsa Dixit

Soprano/new music vocalist/composer Kate Soper here sings/talks texts of philosophers/ideas/language and expression. With musical accompaniment by Wet Ink Ensemble.

Clusters–American Piano Explorations

Very short, highly abstract solo piano pieces, some very lyrical, others robust and strong,

Kyle Gann–Custer and Sitting Bull

A one voice opera with Native American music, based on Custer meeting Sitting Bull. Also other pieces for voice and electronics.

Lejaren Hiller–Sonatas

Pieces for violin and piano, varying fromd intense, abstract to more “classical”. Play most!

Christian Wolff–Two Orchestra Pieces

Two abstract, intense, yet accessible pieces, one for 3 orchestras! Sample.

James Tenney–Harmonium

Heavy on strings used with droning and repetition, rising and with voices and other instruments. Trks 3 + 4 mimic Asian instruments. Sample.

James Romig–STILL

As the title suggests, this solo piano work (almost an hour in length) explores slowly, repetitive harmony with changes in rhythm. The liner notes indicate it can be analyzed as a mix of minimalism and twelve tone language. Sample.

Michael Winter–Lower Limit

Works for guitars + other strings with micro tunings, minimalist sound, following algorithms. Sample.

Julius Eastman–The Zurich Concert

74 min. improvisational solo piano performance recorded in 1980. Starts quietly, builds up.

George Lewis–Assemblage

Experimental music for various sized intrumental combinations. As the title suggests, it’s a mix–dissonant, aggressive and at times lyrical. Sample.

Peter Garland–The Birthday Party

Some lovely, contemporary piano pieces–the title piece dedicated to the performing pianist Aki Takahashi. Garland is considered an experimentalist composer, but these pieces are quite accessible.

John King–Free Palestine

Middle Eastern strings, both intense and quiet. Nice!

Wayne Vitale & Brian Baumbusch–Mikrokosma

Contemporary gamelan, breaking the traditional rules. Play!

Michael Byron–The Celebration

Flowing, strident and lyrical music for piano quintet with baritone voice and poems by Anne Tardos. Play/sample most!