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These are works composed in the style of other composers but in microtones. Nice!


Voice + electronics, some instruments–a bit of dissonance but varied works.

Through Broken Time

Modern African composers and minimalist works for flute, play! Piano accompaniment.

Steven Ricks–Assemblage Chamber

Abstract works, varied instruments–harpsichord, strings, guitar. Interesting!


Greg Stuart performs these abstract solo percussion works by various composers.

Eren Gumrukcuoglu–Pareidolia

For Electronics, strings, piano, very abstract pieces.


For baritone voice and winds–abstract, even odd works.


Very abstract works for string orchestra, trk 1 slow start.

Kimia Hesabi–Nemano Gaona

Abstract viola and electronics, lots of plucking.

Stephen Barber–EARTH

Solo piano pieces inspired by nature, abstract.

Mikel Kuehn–Entanglements

Abstract works for varied instruments. Play!

In the Brink

Abstract, new pieces for string quartet, mostly women composers.

Christopher Trapani–Horizontal Drift

Microtonal works for a variety of instruments. Play!

Wilfredo Terrazas–the Torres Cycle

For various instruments, somewhat discordant, abstract.

Eric Nathan–Missing Words

Fairly abstract works for a variety of instruments and ensembles.

Adam Roberts–Bell Threads

For a variety of instruments, lyrical to strident and interesting.

Plays Well with Others

Works for wind trio + baritone voice (Loadbang) with strings here. Some oddness.

David Bird–Iron Orchid

Very abstract, almost weird electronic dronings, but interesting.

confined. speak.

Long, highly abstract but varied works for a wide variety of instruments, some with voice.


By various composers, long, slow, minimalist solo piano pieces.

Unsnared Drum

Long, solo snare drum works, varied rhythmically, all contemporary.

Martin Scherzinger–Scherzinger Etudes

Recordings of works composed in the style of other composers: Chopin, Liszt, Paganini and others.


Nice collection of wind ensemble works, modern/contemporary.

Van Stiefel–Spirits

Electronic, multiple layered, and effects, solo guitar–excellent!

Aaron Jay Myers–Clever Machines

Interesting, highly varied in instruments, all abstract. Play most!