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Plays Well with Others

Works for wind trio + baritone voice (Loadbang) with strings here. Some oddness.

David Bird–Iron Orchid

Very abstract, almost weird electronic dronings, but interesting.

confined. speak.

Long, highly abstract but varied works for a wide variety of instruments, some with voice.


By various composers, long, slow, minimalist solo piano pieces.

Unsnared Drum

Long, solo snare drum works, varied rhythmically, all contemporary.

Martin Scherzinger–Scherzinger Etudes

Recordings of works composed in the style of other composers: Chopin, Liszt, Paganini and others.


Nice collection of wind ensemble works, modern/contemporary.

Van Stiefel–Spirits

Electronic, multiple layered, and effects, solo guitar–excellent!

Aaron Jay Myers–Clever Machines

Interesting, highly varied in instruments, all abstract. Play most!

Ghost Light

Contemporary reed quintet works. Very nice! Play!

American Discoveries

Previously unrecorded modern works by women composers, found in the Fleischer Library in Philadelphia, varied in style and time of composition.

Burned into Orange–the Music of Peter Gilbert

Varied soloists/ensembles, with some weird sounds and electronics, definitely different! Play most!

Curtis K. Hughes–TULPA

Ranging from strong vs. lyrical, abstract pieces for percussion, string ensemble, winds. Play!

Eric Lyon–Giga Concerto

A rewrite of Brahms op 105–jazzy, with drums and violin duo.

Douglas Boyce–The Hunt by Night

Abstract works, mostly intense but not all, for strings and piano, one with guitar.

Susie Ibarra–Talking Gong

Percussion + piano/flute with Filiippino influences, jazzy. Play!

Against Method

Works by younger composers, varied and abstract for winds, strings and/or guitar. Play!

Music from SEAMUS vol. 29

Society of Electro-acoustic music composers–a variety of sounds, from bird like to weird electronics.

Tanbou Kache

Works by Haitian composers, transcriptions or originals for cello and piano. Nice!

Scott Wollschleger–Dark Days

Mostly lyrical and abstract solo piano.

Music for English Horn Alone

A variety of solo horn works, contemporary and lyrical, one with voice.


Modern/contemporary works for viola & piano by Chilean composers, varying rhythmically. Play!

Tomas Gueglio–Duermavela

Very abstract, avant works for various instruments, interesting!


Patchwork Duo (drums and saxophone) performs these pieces that were composed for them–abstract, including jazz, avant and rock elements. Sample!

Right Now in a Second

Transient Canvas performs contemporary, abstract clarinet and marimba pieces. Play!