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Hypothetical Islands

Varying works for reed quintet, ambient, flowing to staccato. Play or sample!

Louis Karchin–Dark Mountains/Distant Lights

A mix of abstract pieces, solos, duets, trios, both strident and lyrical. Play most!

Transient Canvas–Wired

Mostly slow, quiet and abstract works for marimba and bass clarinet. Play!

Anthony Cheung–Cycles and Arrows

Very abstract, varying pieces both with lyricism and dissonance. Play most!

Christopher Trapani–Waterlines

Interesting mix of instruments (strings, voice, piano, electric guitar) and rhythms. Play!

Dmitry Tymoczko–Fools & Angels

With various vocal groups and instrumental ensembles, abstract, contemporary pieces in the style of Renaissance.

Night Triptych–Guitar Duos

Contemporary, ethnic, guitar duos, Japanese, Middle Eastern amongst others. Play!

Robert Honstein–An Economy of Means

Lovely minimalist pieces for vibraphone or piano. Play all!


Classical/avant-garde works for violin, by Rothenberg, Mazzoli and Futing among others. Some screeching, but not all.

Scott Wollschleger–Soft Aberrations

String pieces with mixed with vocals, abstract,  accessible.

Transient Canvas–Shift

Avant collection of works for bass clarinet and marimba, mostly quiet, some force–sample/play!

Into the Silence

Some beautiful, abstract, contemporary works for violin and piano, by Stucky, Ko and Palmer. Play most!

Simplicity Itself

New Morse Code Duo (cello + percussion) perform a varied collection of contemporary pieces, both tense to sweet. Play!

Philippe Manoury–The Book of Keyboards

Beautiful compositions for vibraphone and percussion, abstract, contemporary. Play!

Dalia Raudonikyte With–Solitarius

Contemporary, abstract pieces for various solo instruments ( sax, guitar, clarinet ) and one for chamber orchestra. Play most!

Fernando Bernadon–delight/delirium

An interesting mix of avant works with some jazz elements–vibes, piano, clarinet, harp, etc. in mixed configurations. Play!

Jeff Herriott–Stone Tapestry

Ambient, quiet and abstract pieces for percussion, some with flute. Play!

Book of Memory

Beautiful, contemporary works by Paul Lansky and Jason Treuting peformed by Janus Trio (flute, viola, harp). Treuting’s pieces have voice. Play!

Mikel Kuehn–Object Shadow

Accessible, abstract, electro-acoustic works for a variety of instruments: solo guitar, saxophones, cello, etc. Play!

Traceur–American Music for Clarinet and Piano

Nice collection of mostly modern and contemporary pieces. Play most!

Wild Cities

Contemporary, abstract works for violin and piano, ranging from quiet pieces, ambient to more strident ones. Moya’s works nice!

Michael Finnissy–WAM

Deconstructions  of classical works and free-form chamber music.

Reiko Futing–namesErased

Spare works for voice or instrumental duet or solo, somewhat surreal, eerie.

Barbary Coast

Abstract, somewhat discordant new works performed by the Red Light New Music ensemble. Interesting.

Steven Ricks–Young American Inventions

Electroacoustic (flute, piano, sax, recorders, etc.) with voice and sounds/radio voices, decidedly avant. Can be difficult, weird, or lyrical. Trks 5, 10, 11,12,14 more accessible.