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Daniel Elms–Islandia

Electro/acoustic pieces, minimal, lyrical, all inspired by the people and places of NE England. Nice!

William Brittelle–Spiritual America

Mix of rock, chorus, electronics and song, about America.

A Page From

Caitlin Sullivan performs these (mostly) solo works by contemporary composers, including Andres, Kahane, Snider and others–nice, slow and abstract. Play!

Aaron Siegel–A Great Many

For percussion and clarinet, one piece 24 mins. long, lyrical, ambient.

Padma Newsome–The Vanity of Trees

Solo work by member of the Clogs, with voice, combining elements of folk, avant, classical and pop.

Jordan Munson–Until My Last

Ambient, mostly slow, quiet  electronic works. “Anew” with voices, whisperings, flowing.

Silent Voices–Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Lovely chorale works with texts from a great variety of sources and beautiful musical accompaniment performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble. Play!


Aizuri Quartet performs abstract, new pieces written for them, all American composers, ranging from intense, to quiet. Play most!

Robbie Lee and Mary Halvorson–Seed Triangular

Avant-garde/folk with 1800’s era instruments (guitar, banjo, baroque flutes, clarinet)–wild!

The Hands Free

Wild mix of classical/avant-garde and bluegrass–banjo, accordion, strings.

Subtle Degrees–A Dance That Empties

Three movements (long) for saxophone and percussion. Mvts 1 & 2 more flowing, mvt 3 cacophonous.

Tigue–strange paradise

Tigue is a percussion trio. These 3 long pieces are ambient, hypnotic and minimalist. Nice! Sample.

Invisible Anatomy–Dissections

Classical/avant-garde/rock & voice with strings, keyboards, computers and percussion ranging from ambient to more forceful.

Rounder Songs

Emily Pinkerton and Patrick Burke team to compose pieces that combine folk/Americana storytelling with chamber ensemble. Play!

Petits Artefacts

Varying solo bass works performed by Nick Photinos, including pieces by Lang, Ghys, Dessner & Le Boeuf amongst others. Play!

Steve Mackey & Jason Treuting–Orpheus Unsung

Electric guitar and drums makes for a wild, yet surprisingly gentle at times, storytelling duet of Orpheus and his tragedy. Play!

Amir Elsaffar–Not Two

Excellent mix of Middle Eastern with jazz orchestra, flowing, with punctuation of pecussion. Play!

Black Mountain Songs

Youth chorus plus some contemporary musical accompaniment by composers Bryce Dessner, Richard Reed Parry and others.

The Living Earth Show Presents: Dance Music

Varying pieces from electric to lyrical, with percussion and electric guitar.

Aorta–Music for Piano & Electronics

Vicky Chow performs works by Andy Akiho and Daniel Wohl amongst others, ranging from quiet abstract to staccato. Play!


Contemporary solo piano works by  young, well recognized composers including Missy Mazzoli, Mark Dancigers and others.  Bright, rhythmic. Play most!

Will Mason–Beams of the Huge Night

Inspired by living in a cabin alone in Maine these pieces range from avant-garde, voice, surreal, to rock. Play most!

Dan Trueman–Nostalgic Synchronic

Works for bitKlavier (digital prepared piano). Despite being computer generated and able to make sounds that a piano cannot, these pieces are lyrical. Play!

Dreamfall–NOW Ensemble

Contemporary chamber music,  variable, but many ambient and meandering. Play most!

Missy Mazzoli–Vespers for a New Dark Age

Contemporary chamber music composer fuses rock with surreal, choral elements.