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Rough Magic

Interesting, abstract choral works.

Alex Temple–Behind the Wallpaper

Spoken/sung songs + string quartet.

Travis LaPlante–Green of Winter

Saxophone Quartet layered, droning works, some dissonance.

Julius Eastman–Vol. 2 Joy Boy

Wildly varied works for strings, electric guitar, voice and others. From a composer who was not recognized when alive and has been recently rediscovered.

Jerome Begin–Post

Solo piano with electronic processing. Performed by Jerome Begin and David Friend.

Sean Friar–Before and After

Winds + electric guitar, lyrical to loud, but a great combination!

Phong Tran–The Computer Room

Very weird electronic/computer pieces, and varied in sounds. Some more accessible.

Molly Herron–Through Lines

Science Ficta performs contemporary viola da gamba works, droning and slow, exploring the instruments modalities and sounds.

Benjamin Louis Brady–Floating into Infinity

Soundscapes with electronics and “sensory perception” drums–ambient.

Charlotte Greve–Sediments We Move

Mixing pop/rock, choral and classical, highly varied works for sax, drums, strings. Play!

Julius Eastman–Femenine

Overlooked during his life, he died in 1990–abstract, bell-based works, strong and wild.

Francisco del Pino–DECIR

Songs of migration and unheard voices, both ethereal and strong, with strings, electric guitar, percussion.

Planetary Candidate

Violinist Michi Wiancko performs this collection of works, including one of her own–solo violin with effects and rock influences.

Robert Honstein–SOUL HOUSE

Lovely, flute-based pieces inspired by his NJ childhood home. Play!

Travis LaPlante–Inner Garden

Meandering, slow works for sax, drums and wind chimes–quiet. Sample.

Dan Trueman–Songs That Are Hard to Sing

Really interesting works for strings and percussion/bit klavier, a little microtonal. Sample!

yMusic–Extatic Science

Contemporary, classical but with varied elements of other genres and rhythms. Play!

Wax & Wire

Varying works for an interesting mix of instruments–cello, sax, piano, clarinet, percussion. Play!

Travis Laplante–Human

Solo improvisations for tenor sax inspired by feelings of his Vermont home, that he had to leave–wind, birds and other sounds imitated by sax. Play!

Nathalie Joachim–Fanm d’Ayiti

Haitian/American composer/flutist/vocalist with classical/electronic/folk melange works. Play!

Will Healy & Shouthouse–Cityscapes

A mix of pieces with classical/avant/jazz/electronic and rap voice, inspired by New York City.

Daniel Elms–Islandia

Electro/acoustic pieces, minimal, lyrical, all inspired by the people and places of NE England. Nice!

William Brittelle–Spiritual America

Mix of rock, chorus, electronics and song, about America.

A Page From

Caitlin Sullivan performs these (mostly) solo works by contemporary composers, including Andres, Kahane, Snider and others–nice, slow and abstract. Play!

Aaron Siegel–A Great Many

For percussion and clarinet, one piece 24 mins. long, lyrical, ambient.