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Abstract and lyrical commissioned works–piano, violin + cello.

Collin J. Rae–Pandemia

Very dissonant works with synthesizers reflecting the pandemic.

Gilbert Galindo–terrestrial journeys

Varied works, strings, percussion, piano, winds. Play!


Varied percussion + flute works, lyrical to abstract, modern.

Mauricio Galeano–Colloid

Abstract collection of guitar pieces, lots of hard plucking. Interesting.

David Tudor–Rainforest IV

Sounds of the rainforest with electronics–somewhat of a cacaphony.

Alex Lubet–songs in time of plague

Slow works for dulcimer in 17 tunings. Play!


Drums/tabla/jazz/avant works, some voice. Nice!

Juraj Kojs–Orchid Music

Experimental sonifications of orchid DNA–clicks + techno.

Project Encore

Classical/jazz sax + piano. Nice!

Lawson & Merrill–Signals

Co-composed ambient sound sculptures, electroacoustic and slow.


A collection of works sax + electronics, from ambient to almost dissonant.

MC Maguire–Transmutations of Things

Orchestral work layered with up to 300 tracks, abstract.

Nick Vasallo–Apophany

Orchestral works with a metal, sharp edge.


Improvisations for trio, flute + electronics by Jane Rigler, Curtis Bahn, Thomas Ciufo.


A collection of piano pieces all contemporary, abstract and lyrical with a few of the pianist’s (Daniel Pesca) own works. Play!

Thomas DeLio–Transparent Waves

Lots of silences, clicks, scratches. Beware the silence!

Tyler Kline–Orchard

Inspired by his farming family, these are very short piano works celebrating the characteristics of fruit!

PAN Project

Combining elements of Korean, Chinese + Japanese music, all improvisations, some with voice.

Sonidos Cubanos 2

For varied instruments with/out voice, Cuban contemporary works.

Erik Griswold–Four Places in Queensland

Solo piano soundscapes of places in Australia. lyrical. Play!

Pamela Z–a secret code

Lots of voice, soundscapes of everyday events, conversations, typing, etc.

Richard Carr–over the ridge

Slow string quartets, flowing, all contemporary. Play!

subtle matters

Very abstract pieces for piano by a variety of composers, for altered piano or not.

mihailo trandafilovski–Step(pe)s

Examples of the sounds a violin can make–scratches, slides, etc.