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PAN Project

Combining elements of Korean, Chinese + Japanese music, all improvisations, some with voice.

Sonidos Cubanos 2

For varied instruments with/out voice, Cuban contemporary works.

Erik Griswold–Four Places in Queensland

Solo piano soundscapes of places in Australia. lyrical. Play!

Pamela Z–a secret code

Lots of voice, soundscapes of everyday events, conversations, typing, etc.

Richard Carr–over the ridge

Slow string quartets, flowing, all contemporary. Play!

subtle matters

Very abstract pieces for piano by a variety of composers, for altered piano or not.

mihailo trandafilovski–Step(pe)s

Examples of the sounds a violin can make–scratches, slides, etc.

Ros Bandt–Medusa Dreaming

Ambient soundscapes inspired by the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, celebrating water.

Juraj Kojs

Experimental, very abstract, from lyrical to dissonant, varied instruments & rhythms.

Sky Rings

Interesting clarinet & electronics works, slow, meandering.

James Caldwell–Pocket Music

The composer’s original compositions were using items found in his pocket. These are expanded with other non-pocket items–definitely different.

Robert Moran–Buddha Goes to Bayreuth

Chorus + chamber orchestra–long and solemn. Sample.

Gina Biver–Nimbus

For voice, poetry and electro-acoustic accompaniment–nice music.

Wesley Fuller–Seven by Seven

Works spanning 50 yrs, originating with tape and acoustic instruments– sci fi sound

Robert Moran–points of departure

Neo-classical mix of styles, voice and instruments, viola, symphony orchestra.

Thomas DeLio–Selected Compositions (1972-2015)

Avant-garde works for tape (some slow starts) or piano or piano with voice and percussion. Interesting!