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Asger Baden–“If the Music Stops They’ll Eat Him Up”

Ambient electroacoustic experimental music, flowing. Play!


Very good cello/piano/electronics, minimalist but varied rhythmically and lyrical. Play!

Henning Fuchs–GAIA

Composer Fuchs celebrates nature and its changing forms in these ambient, ethereal and mostly lyrical works for Chinese instruments, flamenco guitar, violin, percussion and children’s choir. Beautiful!

Pascal Schumacher–Sol

Beautiful vibraphone and percussion pieces, ambient, flowing. Play!

Sven Helbig–Clemens Christian Poetzsch plays Sven Helbig

Beautiful, mostly quiet, slow, minimalist solo piano. Play!

Ralf Schmid–Pyanook

Beautiful, mostly quiet, flowing works for 2 grand pianos performed by data gloves/electronics. Excellent!

Kai Schumacher–Rausch

Evocative, beautiful and varying solo piano pieces with effects. Sometimes sounds like strings. Excellent!


Inspired by their trips in the early 90’s to Hiddensee, Cello, piano and electronics, gracious, minimalist, ambient works. Play all

Clemens Christian Poetzsch

Based on piano, electronics, some strings, these are ethereal, flowing and mostly quiet works. Play!


Brothers  Sebastian and Daniel Selke (Ceeys) composed Interesting  ambient pieces for cello/electronic piano conveying the sombre atmosphere of East Berlin before and after the fall of the Wall. Play!

Federico Albanese–By the Deep

Ambient, minimal piano with electronics, occasional  other instruments. Nice!

Beauty in Simplicity

Piano pieces or transcription for piano of mostly quiet, minimalist works. Reich’s faster. Play all!

Federico Albanese–The Blue Hour

Minimalist, ambient, piano forward pieces and electronics. Play!