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Justin Holland–Guitar Works and Arrangements

An important African-American composer/arranger and publisher for guitar works in the 1800’s.

Herbert Howells–Piano Music 2

Gracious, lively Romantic to modern solo piano.

Kevin Puts–The City

For varied instruments, oboe, marimba etc., contemporary works. Play!

Luis Humberto Salgado–Chamber Music Vol. 1

By a self-taught composer, lovely, modern works for strings/winds.

Chamber Music with Viola

British composers’ ( Bowen, Britten, Holst) works for viola, early 1900’s, gracious.

Works for Violin and Percussion

For a unique combination of violin + percussion orchestra, pioneered by Harrison–very interesting!

Italian Guitar Rarities

Various musical eras, Baroque to modern. Play!

Christos Tzifakis–Flamenco Odyssey

Contemporary works for guitar + accompaniment, varied. Play!

Kemal Belevi–Cypriana

Modern & contemporary works for violin + guitar. Play!

Alchemy–New Music for Trumpet & Orchestra

Modern & contemporary music for trumpet, varied!

Digital Mist

American, Modern works for violin + piano. Nice!

Derek Bermel–Intonations

For clarinet, electric guitar or harmonica, quirky, comedic and a bit off key. Fun!

Konstantin Vassiliev–Guitar Works Vol. 1

Mostly contemporary pieces, rhythmically varied. Play!

Ex Aequo

Gracious transcriptions of works Baroque to modern for flute + guitar. Play!

Takashi Yoshimatsu–Piano Works for the Left Hand

Lyrical, Impressionistic solo piano, some jazz. Play!

Feel the Moment

Lyrical, mostly quiet pieces for 1 or 2 guitars. Play!

George Enescu–Piano Quartet No. 1

Two works varied in tempo, lyrical or powerful.

Malpiero, Ghedini–Cello Concertos

Pieces from 1930’3 to 1951, modern varied, some stridency.

Nine Trumpets and One Piano

Varied contemporary works for trumpet, brass and/or piano. Play!

Two Marimbas in Berlin

Baroque to modern transcriptions for marimba. Play!

The Birth of Life

Gracious, Romantic flute + piano works. Play!

Bows Up! Portuguese Music for Strings

Varied string works from 1900’s and 2000’s.

Mikolalojus Ciurlionis–On the Harp Strings

Originally composed for piano, here transcribed for harp–Romantic, lovely!

Mieczyslaw Weinberg–Chamber Symphonies Nos. 2 & 4

Symphony No. 2 is dark, reflecting post WWII experiences. Symphony No. 4 is gracious and strong.

Eric Coates–Springtime Suite

From a very popular British composer of “light classical”, cosy and sweet works for sax and orchestra.