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Returning to Heights Unseen–New Music for Flute

Very abstract works for flute, electronics and sounds. Advertisements

The Eloquent Saxophone

A collection of pieces for sax/piano or transcriptions, revealing the varying styles the classical saxophone can perform. Play most!

Zhen Chen–On & Between–New Music for Pipa and Ensembles

In my opinion, sort of a disconcerting mix of lyrical classical “lite” with wonderful pipa music overlying by a Chinese-born composer who combines Eastern and Western elements in his works. Do play.

John Alan Rose–Ineffable Tales

Highly varying pieces, some “Broadwayish”, trk 5 is really interesting with violin, orchestra.

Moto Bello

Trio Casals (violin, cello, piano) perform many lovely, contemporary works. Play!

Mark G. Simon–Grecian Urn

Contemporary works for clarinet and piano, some with voice. “Tango” is wonderful!

Gregory Wanamaker–Light and Shadows, Waves and Time

Interesting mix of winds, duet or ensemble with elements of jazz, modern. Play!

Sara Feigin–Piano Works

Interesting solo piano pieces, abstract and lyrical or strident. Play!

Peter Dayton–Notes to Loved Ones

Fairly gracious, contemporary pieces for strings and piano, nice! Play most!

Mark John McEncroe–Musical Images for Piano

Impressionistic, highly lyrical  solo piano pieces, especially CD 1. Play!

Nouvelle Vie–French Flute Music

Gracious and elegant pieces from 18th and 19th century. Play!

Small Stones–Modern Piano Music

As the title suggests, these are short pieces and a few longer ones, dancing and sprightly.

Felipe Perez Santiago–Formika

Very interesting pieces by a Mexican composer for a varied mix of instruments: sax, strings, orchestra.

Mark Volker–Young Promotheus

Lyrical, abstract pieces for winds, strings. Play most!

Eric Klein–The Myth of Tomorrow

Really interesting, varied pieces for a variety of instruments, all contemporary. Play!

Dmitri Shostakovich–String Quartets 7, 8 & 9

The Altius Quartet performs these stirring, emotive string pieces, with unusual movements. Play!

Scott Pender– Music for Winds

Really interesting mix of woodwind chamber pieces, duets, trios, quartets, nice variety. Play!

Apollo Chamber Players–Ancestral Voices

Inspired by older styles of music from the Middle East and Latin America, all modern compositions. Play!

The Four Seasons for Three Pianos

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons transcribed/changed by composer Mestrovic + 3 pianos. Play!

Mara Gibson–Sky-Born

Abstract, staccato-stopped pieces for piano, or sax or strings.

Frederic Chopin–Notturno

Supremely beautiful nocturnes. Play!

Winter’s Warmth–Contemporary Works for Orchestra

Really interesting pieces, varying, ranging from sweet to tense. Play!

Bohuslav Martinu–Small Storms

A collection of miniature pieces for cello & piano–modern and nice. Play!

Tomorrow’s Air–Contemporary Works for Orchestra & Large Ensemble

Very gracious works for orchestra, play or sample all!


A mix of pieces Romantic through contemporary for clarinet & piano, including pieces by Cage, Saint-Saens, Cope, Cavallini and more. Play!