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Andy Teirstein–Restless Nation

Widely varied works for strings, oud or banjo/harmonica or a combination of. Play!

Impressions of Spain

Mostly Romantic era guitar works by Spanish composers, for guitar trio. Play!

Piano Spectrums

Contemporary piano pieces, mostly lyrical, some forceful.

Jeffrey Derus–From Wilderness

Inspired by landscapes from Mexico to Canada, quiet choral with some instrumentation.

Mozart Matures

Classical era works, gracious, some lesser known pieces.


Contemporary chamber works for varied instruments. Nice!

Brass Tacks

Classical/Romantic yet contemporary works for brass. Play!

Adrienne Elisha–Anthelion

Mostly very abstract works for strings and/or orchestra, some very strident.

Chinoiserie–Building New Musical Bridges

European + Asian works performed by guzheng and guitar. Play!

Michael Cohen–A Song for Silenced Voices

Abstract works for chamber ensemble or duo, some with voice. Nice!

Collected Works of Beth Mehocic

Fairly strong, intense pieces for varied instruments, contemporary.

Jeffrey Jacobs–Sequoias

Gorgeous works for orchestra, piano or strings reflecting the beauty of nature and sequoias. Play!

Rain Worthington–Passages Through Time

Works for strings/piano/small orchestra–somber and lyrical. Play!

Retro Americana

100 years of North American piano music. Varied.

Mark John McEncroe–Musical Images for Piano

Contemporary solo piano pieces, graceful, flowing.

Moto Finale

Trio Casals performs these contemporary chamber pieces for string trio. Play!

Paul Paccione–Music for Piano

Performed by Jenny Perron and composed for her, impressionistic, lyrical and contemporary works for solo piano,

Beethoven Symphony No. 9–“Gotterfunken”

This recognizable symphony (especially mvt. 2) transcribed for 2 pianos.

Pinnacle Vol. 2-Contemporary Chamber Works

Nice collection of duos, solos and quartets, strings, piano & winds.

Vintage Americana

Six American composers’ works, tonal to atonal, varied. Play most!

Woven in Time

Varied contemporary orchestral works. Interesting!

Eric Biddington–Windpower

Contemporary works for saxophone, solo, trio or quartet. Nice!

French Connections

Baroque, French harpsichord pieces of 2 Couperins and Forqueray.

Gregory W. Brown–fall & decline

Choral works performed by Variant 6.

Georg Philipp Telemann–12 Fantasias for Solo Violin

Baroque solo violin pieces, sprightly + gracious.