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Michael Kurek–The Sea Knows

Highly melodic works predominantly for harp, ambient but textured, and long. Play or sample!


New pieces from composers of the Society of Composers for various instruments, classical to avant. Play!

Allen Brings–Chamber Works

Modern, abstract pieces for a mix of instrumental duos and solos. Very nice!

Dress Code

From Baroque, jazz, rock, varying string quartets.

The Music of Jeffrey Jacob–Reawakening

Mostly elegant, gracious and solemn pieces for solo, duet and ensemble. Play!

Zhen Chen–Ergo

Highly lyrical, beautiful pieces with piano, pipa, erhu and/or voice. Play!

Forever Beeler–Sonatas and Soli of Alan Beeler

Animated and mostly very short works for various instruments (vibraphone, piano, flute, violin, horns) varying rhythmically. Play!

Bright Circle–Schubert, Brahms & Del Tredici

Lovely pieces by Schubert, Brahms and one contemporary piece by Del Tredici.

Ruth Lomon–Shadowing

Abstract, variable pieces for piano, strings, inspired by Native Americans and New Mexico. Play!

Tchaikovsky–Works for Violin & Orchestra

Well-known, Romantic pieces, gorgeous!

Sergio Cervetti–Sunset at Noon

Pieces inspired by those who have died from incurable illness and/or neglect. A variety of instruments and rhythms (minimalism with folk and classical elements).

Playing Favorites

Mostly contemporary works for trombone and piano. Play!

Chamber Works of Henri Marteau & Alexander Zemlinsky

Pieces by two¬†early 2oth century composers–featuring winds, viola, cello. Play!

Georges Raillard–Butterflies in the Labyrinth of Silence

Lovely, highly lyrical, quiet and mostly slow pieces for solo guitar. Play!

Hans Bakker & Peter Greve–Lines to Infinity

Nice contemporary works for flute, other winds, piano and/or cello. Play most!

Jane O’Leary–The Passing Sound of Forever

A mix of contemporary abstract works, some abrupt and loud, others quiet, for duos and quartet (flute, harp, strings, piano. Play most!

The Lost Music of Deems Taylor–Three Century Suite

A popular neo-romantic composer during the first half of the 2oth century, but perhaps a bit dated now…

Piece de Concours-Romantic Works by French Composer 1896-1938

Subtitle says it all! Play!

Early Musings–New Music for Violin

A collection of new pieces for electric and acoustic violin–abstract, ranging from sweet to sharply staccato. Play most!

Marty Regan– Vol. 1 Splash of Indigo

Nice mix of contemporary works for various instrumental mixes and groups, quiet, and wittily busy and some poems in Japanese voice. Play!

Margaret Brandman–Sensations: Wind, Waves, Birds & Fire

A rhythmic mix of contemporary pieces for orchestra and solo/duos, ranging from forceful to highly lyrical. Play!

Michael K. Slayton–Sursum

Ranging from fairly abstract, eerie pieces to highly lyrical, works for strings, piano, guitar in various combinations. Play!

Robert Casadesus & Henri Dutilleux–Piano Works

Two composers’ works post WWII, Dutilleux’s particularly nice. Play!

Between the Lines–Contemporary Chamber Works

Interesting pieces for various instruments (mostly strings with piano) and combinations. Play most!

The Crossroads Project

Very abstact, leaning towards intense, works for string quartet. Larsen’s nice! Play most!