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Vintage Americana

Six American composers’ works, tonal to atonal, varied. Play most!

Woven in Time

Varied contemporary orchestral works. Interesting!

Eric Biddington–Windpower

Contemporary works for saxophone, solo, trio or quartet. Nice!

French Connections

Baroque, French harpsichord pieces of 2 Couperins and Forqueray.

Gregory W. Brown–fall & decline

Choral works performed by Variant 6.

Georg Philipp Telemann–12 Fantasias for Solo Violin

Baroque solo violin pieces, sprightly + gracious.

Frederic Chopin–Virtuoso

Romantic era solo piano pieces. Lovely!

Monika Gurak–Scenes from a Life

Contemporary works for piano or vibraphone. Fun vs. delicate.


Mostly vigorous, modern American works for violin + piano.

A Grand Journey

Contemporary chamber pieces for piano trio (cello, violin, piano) with varied cultural elements. Play!

Piano Fantasies

Baroque onward solo piano works of “fantasies”or less structured compositions. Elegant!

Earl Kim & Isang Yun

Solo violin pieces by 2 composers from Korea, combining Korean folk music + Western elements. Abstract.

Division of Memory

Solo cello or with piano, contemporary, nice!

4 Rhapsodies

Highly varied examples of rhapsodies for solo piano, different musical eras, lots of emotion.

Mother Earth

Mostly sad, lyrical viola + piano, reflecting 2020 and the suffering.

Jan Jarvlepp–High Voltage

Contemporary works, voice, winds or strings. Energetic.

Bruce Crossman–Heaven to Earth

Mixing Asian intruments with percussion and piano, varied rhythms.

Unquiet Waters

Varied works for saxophone & piano, thru classical eras, mostly modern. Play!

Prisma Vol. 5

Contemporary orchestral works. Nice!

Beethoven Bookends

Some of the works Beethoven liked the most, solo piano.

George David Kieffer–The Ambassador’s Wife

Almost too pretty works for piano & orchestra. Short pieces.

J. S. Bach-Three Cello Suites

Bach’s well-known cello suites, transcribed here for bass clarinet. Fine!

Sound Visionaries

Impressionistic, abstract piano works, modern. Play!

Carl Vollrath–transit voices

For clarinet/strings/piano, lyrical, contemporary works. Play!

Wieslaw Rentowski–Solo & Chamber Music

Interesting pairing of instruments, abstract and modern. Play!