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John Robertson–Virtuosity

Nice orchestral works, some fairly short, clarinet concerto particularly nice!

Duo Fantasy

Violin and piano duos by 3 composers, early 20th century plus one modern. Bax’s particularly nice!

Direct Contact

Solo piano pieces by varied composers, all modern/contemporary. Excellent!

In Tandem–Solos & Duos

For a variety of duet combinations, all contemporary, some lyrical, others tense.  Greve’s Aria for trumpet and organ nice! Play!

Giovanni Piacentini–Between Worlds

Excellent pieces for guitar, electronics, some flute–with Latin elements. Play! (trks 17 & 18 might be damaged).

Voices of Earth and Air–Works for Chorus

Lovely, smooth choral works–track 4 with temple blocks, percussion. Play!

Yes…It’s A Thing!–New Music for Flute and Guitar

Lovely, contemporary, world premiere recordings. Play!

Matej Mestrovic–3 Rhapsodies for Piano and Orchestra

Slavic and Chinese musical instruments in some of these pieces plus a “New England Rhapsody”–nice!

Suenos de Espana–Spanish Art Songs

Art songs from late 18th to early 19th century Spain. All very Romantic! Play!

Mark dal Porto–Peace, Nature & Renewal

A mix of orchestral pieces, duos and chorales, variable in style. Try the instrumentals!

Arnold Schoenberg–and His 17 Fragments

Highly abstract solo piano pieces exploring rhythm, tones, articulations and the expanse of the keyboard. Interesting!

Mark John McEncroe–Live in Ostrava

Robust symphonic works about life changing and repeating (possibly in futility), recorded live. Short works for symphonies. Play!

Carl Vollrath–Souls in Transition

Beautiful pieces for piano trio, abstract interesting plucking and rhythmic changes–play!

David Carpenter–From the Valley of Baca

A mix of chamber pieces, instrumental or baritone with piano, quiet. Play most!

Sustain–Works for Solo Piano and Percussion Instruments

Mostly piano, varied and contemporary and two other works for abstract marimba/vibraphone. Play!

Garth Baxter–Resistance

Described in the liner notes as  modern traditional, these are gracious, lyrical, predominantly slow and quiet for strings and piano, some sax and flute. Play!

The John Psathas Percussion Project Vol. 1

Excellent works for drums, marimba and/or vibraphone, and one piano quintet. Play!

Great Southern Land–Australian Trumpet Music by Brendan Collins

Contemporary works for trumpet, piano and some trombone. Nice!

Hakan A. Toker–Messing Around—with the classics!

Toker re-arranges all kinds of baroque, classical  and jazz pieceswith jazzy-classical inflection. Some pieces work better than others, the more modern works in my opinion.

Dennis Kam–Several Times

Pieces composed over 40 yr span, varying, intense, abstract. Play most!

Hayes Biggs–When You Are Reminded by the Instruments

Widely varying works for a variety of instruments (sax, piano, strings, orchestra, steel pan) or choir.

Songs Without Words

With Baroque instruments, (baroque oboe, viola da gamba and harpsichord) Songs from theBaroque to pop  and modern interpreted

Michael G. Cunningham–Mezzanine Seat–Works for Orchestra

Mostly short orchestral pieces, contemporary. Play!


A mix of instrumental, and voice, all contemporary. Nancy Tucker’s pieces great!

Simon Andrews–and that moment when the bird sings

Gracious, also a bit dark works for piano, strings, horn, some voice.