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Pinnacle Vol. 3

Contemporary works for winds, strings or various combinations, mostly lyrical. Play!


Mostly impressionistic works for harp and oboe, some Latin. Nice!

Sydney Hodkinson–Chamber Works

Late works of a prolific composer–abstract strings + one clarinet work. Play!

Garth Baxter–Ask of Me What the Birds Sang

Instrumentals and vocal pieces composed over time, mostly lyrical.

Andrew Lewinter–Chamber Works

Contemporary works for varied instruments, play!

Laurence Sherr–Fugitive Footsteps

Highly varied works with different instruments/voice, some lovely cello pieces!

Marta, The Tempest

A mix of old and new piano works, show tunes with electric guitar.


Nice mix of varied pieces, instruments and composers. Play!

Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff–Sonatas for Cello & Piano

Gracious, elegant and romantic works for cello and piano. Play!

Alexander Borodin–Symphony No. 2

Intense orchestral works, classical too modern by Borodin, Vella and Vassallo.

Edward Hart–Under an Indigo Sky

Interesting contemporary works for symphony. Play!

Anthony Iannaccone–Looking Back, Moving On

Robust, contemporary symphonies and other works.

SPARKS–Eye of London

Relatively short orchestral works, all contemporary mostly robust.

Bowed Colors

Contemporary works for viola, some piano and children’s voices. Nice!

Jesse Passenier– Fight for Light

Contemporary orchestral works, the marimba pieces are delightful! Play!

Voices of Earth & Air, Vol. IV

Contemporary choral works in English.

Hans Bakker–Source Ground

Somewhat intense works for piano, or organ or strings, contemporary.

Debussy & Ravel–The New Epoch

French composers’ works for cello, piano, violin–post-impressionistic. Play!

Yes… It’s Still a Thing!

Modern and contemporary works for the wonderful duo of flute and guitar. Play!

J.S. Back–Complete Sonatas for Flute & Piano

Baroque works for the flute, a new instrument at the time.

Peter Drew–Symphonie No. 1 “Reminiscence”

Mostly gracious orchestral works, various ethnic elements.

Fetter & Air

Mendelssohn Chorus of Philadelphia performs spoken words with musical accompaniment.


Contemporary workss for guitar & clarinet, very nice!

Legends and Light Vol. 2

Varied orchestral works, all contemporary.

Vincent Ho–Sandman’s Castle

Extremely varied works, classical to rock for percussion/piano/strings, solo and duo works. Play most!