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Live recordings of several orchestral works, one with text, sample.

Sound & Light

Featuring the euphonium. big horn, big sound range–play!

Semir Sammy Hasic–No More War It’s Time for Love

Croatian accordionist/composer performs these pieces with other instrumental accompaniment–traditional folk elements. Nice!

Stanley Grill–Remember

Works for viola & piano, originals & transcriptions–lovely!

Polarities Vol. 2

Vigorous and lyrical works for large ensemble & orchestra, hence the title.

Eleanor Alberga–Wild Blue Yonder

Contemporary, long works for duos or ensembles–really interesting!

Prisma Vol. 4

The continuing series of American works for large ensembles, contemporary, varied.

Moto Eterno

Contemporary works for cello, violin & piano. Excellent!

Sound Visionaries–Debussy, Messiaen, Boulez

French composers linking impressionism, mysticism and modernism. Boulez’ more abstract.

Sustain–Vol. 2

All contemporary works for solo piano and small ensemble or duos–tonal, atonal, and lyrical. Highly varied. Play!

John Robertson–Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5

Since these are symphonies, one without breaks, they are long, but gracious. Play or sample!

The Suite

The Lowell Chamber Orchestra performs Baroque pieces by Telemann & Bach, and contemporary ones by Jose Elizondo and Anthony R. Green. Nice!

Lock & Key–New Chamber Works Vol. II

Varying works for winds and other instruments, all contemporary, with one pieces styled in the Old English rhythms and instrumentation.

Breaking the Silence–Chamber Music of George Palmer

Interesting, varying works for duos or ensembles. Play!

Three Perspectives

Contemporary pieces for flute, cello and piano, varying. Rorem’s excellent!

Small Is Beautiful

Modern solo pieces from 19ll onward, abstract and lyrical. Play! (mostly 2 mins or less)


For flute, oboe & bassoon, modern and lyrical works, some with voice. Play!

Contemporary Colours–New Music by Maltese Composers

Shortish orchestral works, abstract and varied.

Antonija Pacek–Forever

Very sweet, romantic and delicate works for piano.

Carl Vollrath–The Unfolding Flute

Contemporary works for flute & piano, lilting & abstract. Play!

Hilary Tann–and the snow did lie

Gracious, long works without break but rhythmically changing as the piece moves through the movements. Play!

Painted Music

Quattro Duo performs these contemporary works for flute/guitar–lovely, rhythmically varied. Play!


Lovely works for soprano, harp, some with cello both anonymous and known composers, classical era to modern. Play!

Alexander Scriabin–Early Works

Romantic, solo piano works, mostly very short and lovely. Play!


Pieces by women composers, mostly contemporar, almost avant, with one Romantic piece–all for saxophone with accompaniment of electronics, piano or another sax. Play!