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Contemporary workss for guitar & clarinet, very nice!

Legends and Light Vol. 2

Varied orchestral works, all contemporary.

Vincent Ho–Sandman’s Castle

Extremely varied works, classical to rock for percussion/piano/strings, solo and duo works. Play most!

2020 Visions

the Fischer Duo, togetherd for 50 yrs., performs these modern and contemporary pieces for cello + piano. Nice!

Miniature Symphonies

Contemporary, short works interspersed with Milhaud’s symphonies. Nice!


The Crossing perform songs of bird extinction and relationships.

Ayala Asherov–Time and the Hour

Works for a variety of instruments inspired by passing of time.

Yes!… It’s Still a Thing!

Modern & contemporary works for flute + guitar. Nice!

Peter Knell–Soundscapes

Varied works for voice, string quartet, lyrical to less so.

Windswept Vol. II

Contemporary pieces for wind quintet–varied tempi!

Soul Sanctuary–Spirituals & Hymns

Gracious vocal works with piano/cello.

Eric Tanguy–Chamber Works

Mostly intense violin works, some quieter and solo piano. Play!

Samuel A. Livingston–American Scenes

Wind band works, some oompah, others gracious.

Memories Unsettled

For Cello + piano, long works, lyrical + strong, all contemporary.

Michel de la Barre–Works for Flute

Baroque era pieces for flute/harpsichord and other Baroque instruments.

John Mitchell–Seasons

String quartets inspired by the seasons, contemporary.

Mark John McEncroe–Symphonic Suite No. 3

Inspired by nature, lyrical to strong symphonic pieces.

Uncommon Voices

Works by female composers from Eastern Europe, over time, mostly modern. Play!

Lee Bradshaw–The Ties That Bind

Contemporary works for strings, mostly gracious.

Ferdinando DeSena–Toccata Miami

For varied instruments, gracious, lyrical chamber pieces, all contemporary. Play!

Textures in Classics

A mix of classical, modern & Romantic works for piano.

Benjamin Shorstein–Fantasy for Violin and Piano

Varied works for piano and violin or solo violin. Play!

Georges Raillard–Fading Sounds

Lovely, abstract solo guitar pieces. Play!

David Colson

Abstract contemporary works for varied instruments with percussion. Play!

moments musicaux

Solo piano Romantic and modern, by European and American composers.