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White Buffalo-Robert Tree Cody and Rob Wallace with Will Clipman

From the Canyon Records collection we add this CD to our library at WRUV FM.  Flutist Robert Tree Cody (Dakota-Maricopa0, Rob Wallace on keyboard and Will Clipman with percussion this CD is dedicated to the Buffalo, Tatonka, and affirms the message of the White Buffalo: respect for Mother Earth and unity of the races.  Track […]

Red Beaten Path-Steven Rushingwind

A new release with Steven Rushingwind playing traditional flute and composing all the songs with Harlan Steinberger.  Harlan is responsible for background and accent instrumentals like the drumming in Hummingbird Flight, track 2.  Red Beaten Path has some added vocables (track3) and gives a beat to move with. Track 4 ends with a very quiet […]

Bemia (Walk In Beauty)-Wabanag and Nagwetch

Track 9 is the title of the CD, Bemia that means Walk In Beauty in Mik’maq sung by Nagwetch Little Sun, listen close to hear the crackle of sacred fire. Tracks 1,2,3, with the full band and traditional language driven its rock!  Continuing in track 4 with the add of traditional flute. song called Elnuagi. […]

Bridge- Rushingwind & Mucklow

Body will move with Track 1, Thunder Dance  and in Track 2 Eagle Spirit has a gentle chant.  Feeling Tranquil with Medicine Sun, Track 6 and soothing piano.  Tears for a Warrior Fallen Track 8 has lots of emotion and unusual sounds.  Its New Age and can create that “solace ”  including some change up like […]