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Five by Four

Mostly vigorous piano duets, modern & contemporary.

Martin Matalon–Formas del Tiempo

Vigorous, longish piano works. Fairly intense.

Dancing in Dreams

Impressionistic works + tango, for flute and harp transcriptions. Known works. Play!

1919–Hidden Treasures from an Epoch Year

Based on a viola competition in 1919 with unidentified pieces performed. Nice!

Saxspectrum 3–New Music for Alto and Soprano Saxophone

A mix of fairly abstract to more accessible/lyrical works with piano, tabla and/or didgeridoo.

Alyssa Morris–Ruminations

Lyrical and abstract works for oboe, piano, percussion.

Soulscapes II

Mostly gracious piano works by women of African descent.

Edvard Grieg–Violin Sonatas for Flute

Romantic works scored for violin, but performed here by flute and piano.

French Music for Piano Duo

Mostly known works by Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, & Saint-Saens. Impressionistic.

Global Saxophone

Nice mix of sax + piano, modern and contemporary.

Britten, Milhaud, Finzi, Strauss

Neo-classical works for piano + orchestra, varied.

Marty Regan–Lost Mountains, Quiet Valleys

Lovely pieces for Japanese instruments, cello + viola.

Shostakovich + Bridge–Piano Sonatas

Two composers’ works, varying stylistically. Bridge’s Romantic and gracious.

Finding a Voice–Mexican Song Cycles After 1920

From the late 1800’s, Mexican songs performed by tenor voice + piano.

Erberk Eryilmaz–Dances of the Yogurt Maker

Turkish percussion + string quartet, mostly fast and intense.

Ensuenos de Cuba

1800’s Cuban solo piano works, with lilt, dancing!

James Tinsley– Portrait of an Artist

A collection of varied pieces for trumpet, classical, traditionals and rag. Nice!

Barbara Harbach–Chamber Music VI

Contemporary chamber works (orchestra, strings, flute) most with soprano voice.

The Schumann Project

Lovely Romantic era piano pieces by both Schumanns ( Clara & Robert, the “power couple” of music at the time).

Eugene Ysaye–Sonatas for Solo Violin

Romantic, modern, keening solo violin.


A collection of various composers works’–intense to quiet, Trk 7 really slow start+ 1 min in.

Insights–New Music for Trumpet & Piano

Modern & contemporary works, play most!

BAMA–Alabama String Quartets

The Amernet String Quartet performs these contemporary/modern works by Alabama composers–intense to sweet.


An excellent collection of works for violin and piano, from Classical era to contemporary, varied.

Jonathan Leshnoff–String Quartets Nos. 3 & 4

Contemporary string quartets performed by the Carpe Diem String Quartet, intense and interesting!