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6 Pieces for Gamelan Slendro

Gorgeous gamelan/wind/ string pieces, Javanese and avant-garde. Play!

Bernard Parmegiani–Stries

Analog computer works, eerie, sci-fi sounds, but very interesting!

Cage/Feldman: Works for Piano II

Mostly lyrical piano works + flute on some, by John Cage and arranged by Morton Feldman. Play!

Roger Reynolds–Piano Etudes

Abstract etudes for solo piano. Play!

Thomas Meadowcroft–The Great Knot

Australian composer inspired by the distances there, and by “cheap” instruments not used in art music–drum machines, old tapes, etc. Long, somewhat droning works.

Killer Instincts

Sarah Maria Sun & the Gurks perform these wide ranging songs–cabaret, rock, broadway–about bad people. Raucous!

Gerald Eckert–absence

Long, quiet tonal explorations, mostly with acoustic instruments, one with live electronics and tape. Sample!

Henri Pousseur–Works for Flute

Mostly abstract, lyrical pieces for 1-3 flutes, except 2 works with electronics that are not so lyrical. Play most!

Horatio Radulescu–The Complete Cello Works

Finding connections with music/math and other arts, sound units/vibrations for cello and piano.

Walter Zimmermann–Lokale Musik

For a wide variety of instruments and ensembles, pieces that are not quite lyrical nor atonal, with rhythmic changes.

Ayman Fanous & Frances- Marie Uitti–Negoum

Improvisations of classical guitar or bouzouki and cello (one & two bows), ranging from lovely Middle Eastern to wild.

Friedrich Jaecker–paradis

A variety of works for piano, some with voice, glasses–minimalist, abstract, lots of silences.

Morton Feldman–for Bunita Marcus

With his trademark quiet, slowness, these are  solo piano works that are flowing, with rhythmic  changes, spaces, minimalist. Nice!

Morton Subotnick–Vol. 4 Complete Piano Works

Varying piano pieces–some solo and lyrical, others staccato and electronic or with tape. Interesting!

Elliott Sharp– Dispersion

Works both composed but with improvisation by musicians, very abstract. Each performance is different.

George Crumb– Metamorphoses (Book I)

Solo piano pieces inspired by famous paintings and “five pieces for piano”. Play most!

John Cage–The Works for Piano vol. 10

Staccato, abrupt changes, forceful banging, very abstract but accessible solo piano.


Avant-garde compositions with a mix of short wave radio, electronics and/or instruments, from 1968. All very short.

dream–American Music for Electric Guitar

This is a stunning album! An excellent mix of pieces either for or transcribed for electric guitar or electric bass by many of the well-known contemporary/avant-garde composers: Lang, Cage, Wolff, Polansky, Sharp, Feldman and more. Sergio Sorrentino performs. Play, play, play!

Barbarella Reloaded

Marco Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy is back with the wild and fun rearrangement of the soundtrack for Barbarella–60’s surf/psych today! Play!

The Early Immersive Music of Joan La Barbara

Highly avant pieces for voice and electronics. Trk 3 has instrumental accompaniment.

Iannis Xenakis–Orchestral Works

Very avant pieces, trk 3 more accessible. Trk 1 is the original version, and a first recording. Sample.

Alvin Lucier–Two Circles

Very abstract electro-acoustic pieces, droning, knocks, voice–sample.

Cowell & Grainger–Works for Saxophone

Both of these composers favored the saxophone. These are Celtic/British tinged and modern. Play most!

Malcolm Goldstein–Soweto Stomp

A greatly varying mix of pieces: jazz, avant-garde, droning, or folk-inflected, all “structured improvisations.”