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Lila Downs – Balas y Chocolate (Sony Latin)

So a Mixtec (indigenous Mesoamerican) girl from a small village in Mexico runs away at 15 to be a singer in Mexico City. A University of Minnesota professor sees her & falls in love with her. Later, Lila is born to them & raised in the US & Mexico. She grows up to become an […]

Rana Santacruz – Por Ahi (Chicavasco)

Mexican American folk music with an eight-piece band led by this Brooklyn based Mexican vocalist/accordionist. The Spanish vocals tell stories in the corrido tradition; fans of such ballads rave about this artist, giving him five stars.

Patricia Vonne – Viva Bandolera (Bandolera)

Gorgeous Spanish ballads in a Tex-Mex country folk-rock sort of style, from a locally famous Austin-based singer/songwriter/actress who contributed songs to “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” & other movie soundtracks. Super vocals, nice melodies. Official webpage

Los Aguas Aguas – Two, Three Karate Moves (Intolerancia)

Members of this 11 member band from Veracruz Mexico are music teachers and promoters of Son Jarocho, the regional musical style. But here they combine this style with a strong Jamaican influence along with hints of Afro-Caribbean sounds. Nice!

La Sucursal de la Cumbia – Cumbia a Domicilio (Intolerancia)

From the Baja peninsula in Mexico, on the border with California, here is playful cumbia-rock fusion from a talented & energetic 8-piece band. Mixes the cumbia beat with electric guitars, horns, & wild percussion. Clearly meant for dancing!

Ernan Roch – La Onda Pesada (Shadoks Music)

Recorded in Mexico in 1970 with his band El Amor, this is classic late-60s American summer of love music! It’s even sung in English. Shades of Donovan’s 1966 Season of the Witch (#2), Early Animals (#3), Roy Orbison (#4), and many more… What’s old is new! Filed in International

Rodrigo Y Gabriela – 9 Dead Alive (ATO)

The legendary guitar duo from Ixtapa, Mexico returns with their 1st new CD in 5 years. Their signature blazing, flamenco-tinged guitar work is featured, of course, but the songs are tributes to historical figures they admire. Their reverence is especially apparent in some more pensive tracks. Amazing live acoustic guitar! Another review here with track […]