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Early 20th century works for wind quartet–whimsical, fun!

Craig Vear–Black Cats & Blues

Cello with digital effects, sounds, voice–abstract to odd.

Refracted Resonance

Rhythmically varying, producing interesting sounds from the guitar. Play/sample!

Mountains–the “lost Australian recording”

Pianist John McCabe selected these varied pieces by Australian and American composers for an EMI Sydney 1985¬† cassette recording that was eventually “lost” when the studio closed. Recently found in excellent quality, here it is, with some jazz, some classical, and some¬† impressionism. Play!

Michael Alec Rose–Il Ritorno

Contemporary works for solo violin and with viola, abstract, varying.

Ghost Dialogues

Contemporary pieces for trumpet, solo or with accompaniment (sax, voice or piano) Nice!


Contemporary, abstract works for piccolo/flute.

James Weeks–Signs of Occupation

Somewhat atonal works, not dissonant, for a variety of instruments.

Dancing in Daylight–Contemporary Piano Trios from Ireland

Abstract, varied works, strong, flowing, lilting. Play!

New Sounds from Manchester

Fairly intense string quartets, contemporary. Grange’s less so. Play most!

David Gorton–Orfordness

The title refers to an area in Britain with military history/UFOs–the music is strident, weird, tense–sample due to length.

Karl Fiorini–Violin Concertos

Intense, violin-forward works with strong percussive elements. Sample.