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Paul Dessau–Chamber Music

Fairly abstract, modern works, varied instruments. Play!


Early 20th century works for saxophone and piano, impressionistic or strong. Play!

Robert Fuchs–Complete String Quartets Op. 52, 68, 71 & 106

Gracious, elegant, Romantic string pieces.

Steffen Schleiermacher–Sound and Colour

Inspired by the visual arts, these are very interesting pieces for sax quartet or flute, piano & percussion trio. Play or sample!

Georges Bizet–Piano Works

Romantic, bravura solo piano pieces, yet modern in sound. Play!

Heinrich Von Herzogenberg–Piano Trios Nos. 24 & 36

Romantic, elegant works, influenced by Brahms.

In Search of Freedom

Modern works transcribed for sax quartet, all European pieces. Play!

Paul Hindemith–Works for Saxophone

Quite a mix of varied pieces–original works and transcriptions for sax quartet–abstract, lyrical. Play!

Enrique Granados–La Guitarra Poetica

Transcriptions for guitar of Granados’ poetic piano pieces. Play!

Czech Music of the 20th Century

A mix of composers, traditional to modern and more abstract. Play!

Josef Suk–Piano Works

Beautiful piano pieces bridging late Romanticism and early Impressionism. Play!!

Max Reger–Complete Works for Clarinet and Piano

Gracious, modern works for clarinet and piano. Play most!

Federico Mompou–Fetes Lointaines

Impressionistic/abstract, gracious pieces for solo piano. Play!

Max Reger–Works for Two Pianos

Piano duos inspired by Mozart, Beethoven and his own. Play or sample!

Vladimir Peskin–Complete Trumpet Music

Modern works for solo trumpet or with piano. Gracious and lively. Play most!

Debussy & Ravel–Piano Trios

Two Impressionist composers’ pieces-lovely, play most!

Josef Matthias Hauer–Melodies and Preludes

Abstract, very short pieces for celesta (nice), piano (nice) and harmonium (less lyrical).

Gerald Finzi–Chamber Music

British composer (1901-1956), gracious, modern, chamber music for horns, strings and/or piano. Play!

Ernst Rudorff–Chamber Music

German composer who expressed concern at the musical developments of his time, (loss of tradition) . yet used dissonance and his own independent rhythms. Play most!

Classica Brasiliana

A lovely collection showing the wide range of Brazilian music–samba, bossa nova, cantigas, saudedes, etc. with flute, guitars, mandolin, percussion and more! Play!

Cecile Chaminade–Piano Works–Sonata & Etudes

Gracious, elegant works by a very popular composer who was the first French woman to receive the Legion d’Honneur, yet was forgotten with time.

Giacinto Scelsi–Suites Nos. 8 & 9

Very abstract, somewhat dark, works for piano by a secretive, yet jokester composer who openly had his assistant “transcribe” his works, thereby causing a scandal that he actually was not the composer…

Schubert and Winter: Concertos for Clarinet and Bassoon

Lovely Classical works for horns and orchestra, pieces by Franz Tausch included and are especially lovely.

Robert Schumann–Chamber Music Vol. 3

Supremely gracious, lyrical works for piano, viola, oboe and clarinet. Play!


As the title implies, folk-inspired pieces for or transcribed for saxophone quartet by quite a variety of composers–Grieg to Piazzolla.  Play!