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Marcel Khalife – Adalusia of Love (Nagam)

Lebanese Oud master & composer Marcel Khalife performs with his two sons Bachar (percussion) & Rami (piano), plus Jilbert Yamine (kanoun – like a zither). Here he has set to music the poetry of the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008). The music is beautiful, and quite moving!

ANTH: Arabic – The Rough Guide to Arabic Café (World Music Network)

Nice little collection of authentic Arabic café music; the sort you’d hear drifting out of sidewalk eateries & record stores in North Africa or as far northeast as Lebanon (but nothing further east). Authentic, evocative, & easy on the ears. Arabic Café booklet with details about the artists

Yasmine Hamdan – Ya Nass (Crammed Discs)

From Beirut Lebanon, vocalist & co-founder of the ’90s band “Soap Kills” (one of the first indie electro-pop bands in the Middle East), Yasmine draws on the traditions of female Arab vocalists from the post WWII era, reinventing their sensual, sometimes almost shoe-gaze vocal style (in Arabic). This is Yasmine’s first US release, although WRUV […]