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Miguel Farias–Up and Down

For a variety of instruments (winds, percussion, voice, electronics), varying works with plucks, stops, beats and other sounds from the instruments. Sample.

Marco Momi–Almost Nowhere

Three long pieces for saxophone, electronics, percussion and piano–quite a variety of sounds from the instruments. Sample!

Tristan Murail–Portulan

A mix of accessible avant works (winds, strings, piano and/or percussion), some more abstract and forceful than others. Play!

Toshio Hosokowa–gardens

Very quiet, slow works flute, strings & piano. Sample most!

Giorgio Netti–necessita d’interrogare il cielo

Very avant works for solo sax, keening, warbling, meandering.

Ramon Lazkano–Piano Works

Works for solo piano, multiple hands, lots of variability, some with orchestra. Play!

Nirmali Fenn– The Clash of Icicles Chamber Music

Quite a variety of rhythms, tones and instruments in very abstract works ranging from lyrical to broken and intense. Play!

Maurizio Pisati–Set7

Abstract classical guitar, solo and with accompaniment, some voice. Play!

Samuel Andreyev–Music with No Edges

Otherworldly, eerie, weird, highly varied works for acoustic instruments (no electronics!) with winds, percussion and strings. Play most!

George Crumb–Makrokosmos I-III

Abstract, forceful works for amplified piano, percussion, some voice. “III” quite lyrical. Play!

Luca Lombardi–Music for Solo Flute

Avant yet accessible peices for solo flute (alto, bass) Play!

Stuart Saunders Smith–New England

Abstract, abruptly changing, yet lovely vibraphone pieces. Play!

Samir Odeh-Tamimi–Alif & Other Pieces

Very abstract works for bass horns, strings, piano or ensemble, with silences, odd sounds or droning tones. Play or sample most!

Franco Donatoni–Chamber Works

Interesting collection of works for solo instruments (harp, piccolo, clarinet) and ensembles including  harpsichord–abstract, stylized.

Ming Tsao–Plus Minus

Fairly abstract, intense works with a mix of instruments. Mirandas Atemwende is a chamber opera.

Pierluigi Billone–Sgorgo Y N oO

3 long, increasingly raucous pieces for electric guitar–wild.

Claudio Ambrosini–Song Book for Guitar

Very abstract works for solo guitar, interesting mix of rhythms. Most pieces under 3 mins. long.

Vykintas Baltakas– b(ell tree)

A young Lithuanian composer who seeks to be different from the traditional Lithuanian sound. These are avant works for various instruments (orchestra, piano, sax) or voice with electronics. Play or sample!