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Joanne Shenandoah- Joanne Shenandoah

A 1989 release from this well loved artist from the Oneida Nation.  There are 3 tracks written by the late Floyd Red Crow Westerman, 35 Miles, Going Back and They Didn’t Listen.  She accompanies herself on guitar and her Native language.  Check out her latest release Nature Dance (in the air studio).

Once In A Red Moon- Joanne Shenandoah

This amazing singer-songwriter gifts us with songs about her Nation (Oneida) and in the tradition of story-telling each song is a re-embering of Traditional values.  From  Canyon Records this CD was originally released in 1994.  Full of feelings and folk-style singing with many verses in Oneida language.  Play All.

Loving Ways-Joanne Shenandoah-A. Paul Ortega

Originally released in 1991 (new to WRUV FM Burlington) these songs are like classics for Native Music Listeners .  The introductions to the songs are special.  Track 5, Paul sings in his native tongue.  Track 9 is sung by Joanne, To Those Who Dream.  All the songs are  “dedicated to those in love, out of […]

Nature Dance- Joanne Shanendoah

Eternally grateful for the Blessings of Life says Joanne Shenandoah often singing in her Native Oneida- Iroquois language on this CD as on track three “Star of The Morning”.  This compilation CD is dedicated to fans of Native music and friends from North America, Persia, Spain and Germany contributed to the music.  The electronica is […]

Lifegivers-Joanne Shenandoah

Joanne Shenandoah singing in Iroquois pays tribute to the “Life Cycles of Women”.  Her music is  celebrated throughout the world and she has been awarded over 13 Native American Music Awards over 30 other music wards including a Grammy.  Enjoy tracks 1,2,3,4, with guitar accompaniment, track 12 with rattle, track #6 with a drum.