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Juri Seo–Respiri

Contemporary string pieces, trk 2 like a modern Bach–wide range of string sounds. Play!

Spark–Common Sense Composers Collective

Contemporary string pieces mixing classical and abstract, one with like rap, varied works.

At Home and Abroad

Contemporary works for guitar and violin, abstract but also Latin! Play!

The Other Side

For symphonic wind ensemble, big sounding works yet Turnbull’s pieces surprisingly delicate. Play most!

Paul Elwood–Emissions Transparents

Very avant, wild, folkish works for banjo, percussion and/or piano, voice, electric guitar. Definitely different and inventive, careening from fun to cacaphony. Play/sample!

D. J. Sparr–Electric Bands

Based with electric guitar, these are varied  pieces with voice, string, and  some electronics. “Earthcaster Suite” excellent!

Notus–Of Radiance & Refraction

Collegiate chorale group performs contemporary works, some with musical accompaniment and electronics.

ROCO–Visions Take Flight

ROCO, an ensemble from 1 to 40 instruments, commissions new works from contemporary composers. This 2 CD set has excellent pieces, stylistically varied and engaging. Play!

The Compassion Project

An idea originated in 1993, in response to world atrocities–pieces expressing compassion from composers throughout the world. Play most!

Maithree–The Music of Friendship

Indian instruments influence some non-Indian pieces, or perform modern Indian works. Play!

Stanley Grill–Rustling Flights of Wings

Songs from various poets works with lovely piano and violin accompaniment.

Zack Browning–Soul Doctrine

Really interesting pieces, abstract, a bit atonal, nice instrumental mix. Play!

David Kechley–The Walbrzych Project

Orchestral works combining lyricism, stridency and force. CD 2 is especially interesting.

Esther Lamneck–Tarogato Constructions

A single reed instrument from Romania and Hungary, the tarogato here is combined with electronic manipulation. Play most!

Rick Baitz–Into Light

Elegant, gracious and long pieces for varied instruments. Trk 2 percussion. Play!

Robert Gibson–Flux and Fire

Abstract works for strings, lyrical, moving.

Jane Antonia Cornish–Constellations

Ambient works for strings, piano and electronics. Nice!

Issam Rafea and Gao Hong–life as is

Beautiful improvisations for oud and pipa, a combination of elements from Syria and China. Play!

Jenny Olivia Johnson–Sylvia Songs

Songs for an hommage to Plath’s work and living places, with instruments, electronics and tape.

No Era

Areon Flutes (flute trio) performs these ethereal, ambient works by Clay, Aminkikia and Brown. Play!

Marc Mellits–Smoke

Highly varying works with jazz, funk, rock, classical for a nice mix of instruments: marimba, guitar, strings and sax. Play!

A Breath Upwards

Variable pieces for soprano, intense accompaniment with viola, horn and/or clarinet. Pieces by Milton Babbitt and Michael Hersch.

Yuko Fujiyama–night wave

A mix of lyrical, abstract, even odd works for piano, violin, percussion and horn. Eclectic!

American Canvas

Classical and avant-like pieces for flute, cello + piano, some with voice. Play most!

Castillos de Viento

Contemporary works for flute + guitar ranging from staccato to very lyrical and abstract. Play!