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Piano Music of Mike Garson

Varied styles: classical/Romantic/pop/rock.

Anil Camci–Dekagon

Electronic piecess, otherworldly, machine-like.

Baljinder Sekhon–Alchemy

Interesting, abstract saxophone-based pieces in quartet with piano and other ensembles. Play!

Dark Matters–Carillon Music of Stephen Rush

Contemporary works for bells, electronics and other instruments. Nice!

Count to Five

RECAP Percussion group performs these varied, contemporary pieces, one with voice.

Danielle Eva Schwob–Out of the Tunnel

Some lovely pieces here with varied instruments, all contemporary. Play!


Described as “cosmic electronic”, piano pieces some lyrical.

Susie Ibarra–Walking on Water

Very interesting, varied + lyrical soundscapes with percussion, strings, electronics–inspired by water.

Chris Campbell–ORISON

Meandering, ambient works, with strings forward. Nice!

second flight

Excellent sax duos and some electronics, varied composers. Play!

Emily Koh– [word]plays

Sax works, and sax quartets, microtonal. # 5 has breath.

David Kechley–at the dragon’s gate

For string trio (violin, cello & piano), a mix of lyrical vs tense works, all interesting!

Anne LeBaron–Unearthly

Variable works, some lyrical, others abrasive. A great variety of instruments, including harp!

Stanley Grill–afterwards…

Lovely, contemporary string works, with hints of older era musical styles. Play!

D.J. Sparr–Hard Metal Cantus

Wildly different works, from lyrical/classical to raucous electric guitar and electronics.

Alex Shapiro–Arcana

Solo piano works inspired by nature, creation and people–lyrical.

Dorothy Hindman–Blow by Blow

Abstract and varied works for wind and percussion. Some beautiful pieces!


Combining Korean and western instruments, definitely different aural explorations–abstract. Performed by gamin.

David Lang–Love Fail

Minimalist female choral works exploring love, sounding like contemporary Renaissance. Play!

Gerald Levinson–Now Your Colors Sing

Interesting works composed over 40 yrs, contemporary for large ensembles, smaller ensembles and solos. Play!

Huang Ruo–into the vast world

Combining Chinese and Western musical elements and some voice, these are symphonic pieces ranging from sweet and lyrical to boisterous and brash. Play!

Unus Mundus

Pianist Eunmi Ko performs minimalist works by various composers, staccato to dreamy. Play!

Jeremy Beck–by moonlight

Modern and contemporary, gracious and elegant works for a variety of instruments (guitar, strings, piano, orchestra). Some voice.

Drew Whiting–In Lights Starkly Different

Ranging from loud, abrupt to lyrical, abstract works for saxophone and electronics. Play most!

Ilari Kaila–The Bells Bow Down

Lovely, lyrical, abstract and contemporary works for string quartet and piano by Finnish composer. Play!