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Dosti Music Project – Travelers (Found Sound Nation)

The product of a collaborative musical residency hosted by this Brooklyn-based artist collective and involving musicians from Pakistan, India, & America. Running through the tracks are influences from all of these places: Sufi Ghazals, Bengali & Tamil folk tunes, & even Appalachian fiddle. Celebrates our common humanity. Fantastic music!

Ravi Shankar – In Hollywood, 1971 (East Meets West)

Two-hour concert recording from a private 1971 concert in Ravi’s Hollywood home. One of the guests was George Harrison, and some say this experience is what led to their collaboration in the concert for Bangladesh later that year. Two CDs, four long Ragas.

Aditya Prakash Ensemble – Mara (self-released)

Gorgeous Indian fusion from a brother & sister who are South Indian classical musicians, & many of their talented friends. The music is also the soundtrack to a dance performance portraying the story of the demon Mara, who tried to tempt Buddha off his path to enlightenment. Really fine compositions, as one might expect from […]

Avataar – Petal (InSound)

Saxophonist & composer Sundar Viswanathan brings together his jazz background & his South Indian heritage in these gorgeous compositions that incorporate Indian classical elements with a palette of other world & jazz influences. The vocals by Felicity Williams are reminiscent of the Brazilian vocalist Flora Purim when she performed with Return to Forever! Guitarist Michael […]

Sanjay Chitale & Sandeep Chowta – American Pilgrimage (Universal)

Talented vocalist Sanjay Chitale & Bollywood music director/composer Sandeep Chowta teamed up to create a musical canvas, & then invited several of their favorite American jazz musicians to add embellishments. The fusion is really nice with some nice surprises, though the plaintive Bollywood vocals & style still provide the dominant theme.

Shankar Tucker – Filament (Shrutibox)

Epic recording! This clarinetist & composer attended the New England Conservatory of Music, and then won a grant to go India where he studied under Hindustani flute master Hariprasad Chaurasia. His goal was to seek a place for the clarinet in Indian classical music. He succeeded! His Shrutibox YouTube channel went viral and was widely […]

Red Baraat – Gaadi Of Truth (Sinj Records)

Back from a successful tour in India, Dhol (double-headed drum) master Sunny Jain & his 9 piece band are back with more of their “Brooklyn Bhangra” sound. Still a raucous blend of Indian bhangra, with New Orleans Mardis Gras & Balkan Brass stylings, now taken in even more new directions. Party on! Listen on Bandcamp […]

Debashish Bhattacharya – Slide Guitar Ragas From Dusk Till Dawn (Riverboat)

Ragas are associated with times in the day (e.g., dusk, twilight, midnight, dawn), and are thought to be most powerful when played at the appropriate time. Here is a collection of ragas in the traditional style written for five moments between evening & dawn, from this award-winning Indian Pandit (master) slide-guitarist.

Kavita Shah – Visions (Inner Circle)

This scholar of ethnomusicology & award-winning Indian vocalist (from NYC) performs with an all-star lineup, mixing a jazz foundation with Indian, Malian, & Brazilian influences. Also note Joni Mitchell & MIA covers. Cool stuff! Filed under World/International.

ANTH: India – The Rough Guide To Indian Classical Music (World Music Network)

An assortment of contemplative, spiritual compositions by modern legends of the Indian classical genre. With truly careful listening, each work is capable of inducing a transcendent experience; which, after all, is the musical intention. Indian Classical Music CD Booklet here

Bombay Dub Orchestra – Tales from the Grand Bazaar (Six Degrees)

Gary Hughes & Andrew Mackay (who formed the BDO) have done a lot of film work recently (Marathon Boy (HBO), Ballad Of Rustom (India), Josh (Pakistan), Project Happiness, featuring the Dalai Lama) and it shows in their new work; here are atmospheric arrangements mixing electronica with Middle Eastern & Indian instrumentation, scales, & vocals, designed […]

Shujaat Khan & Katayoun Goudarzi – Spring (self-released)

Shujaat Khan is a Grammy-nominated sitar master & Katayoun Goudarzi is a scholar of the linguistic & lyrical traditions of poetic recitation to music. Here, accompanied as well by outstanding musicians playing flute & tabla, they present a program inspired by the poetry of the 13th century Persian Sufi poet Rumi. Unusual & fascinating presentations.

Jay Gandhi – North Indian Classical Flute (self-released)

Four beautiful tracks from this outstanding Hindustani bansuri (North Indian flute) master, a disciple the renowned maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. On this sampler he is accompanied by (unnamed) musicians who contribute subtle sitar & tabla accompaniment. Tracks & videos here: http://www.jaygandhi.com/ Jay Gandhi will present a free lecture/demonstration in UVM’s Southwick Hall, room 301, on […]

Vandana Vishwas – Monologues (self-released)

Remarkable classically-derived compositions featuring highly expressive & poetic vocals in the South Indian traditions (e.g., Ghazals, Nazms, Geet, & Thumri), from an award-winning music scholar who was raised in India but is now performs in Canada with her husband. She is an architect as well! Features some inventive instrumentation, and some western influences.  Sent to […]

Jyotsna Srikanth – Call Of Bangalore (World Music Network)

From Bangalore in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, here is classical Carnatic music featuring masterful violin and fascinating mridangam (double-sided drum) & khanjira (clay pot) percussion.  Rich & evocative music. Srikanth live at Momo’s Kemia Bar (London, UK)

ANTH: India – The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Bollywood (World Music Network)

Here are gems from the 1960s-70s Indian movie industry, featuring often fantastical performances by many stars of the day. These tracks were influenced by the western psychedelic scene and range from trippy to ethereal to bizarre. You may find it hard to believe that R.D. Berman and his fellow composers were this hip! Fun stuff! […]