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Karol Beffa–Blow Up

A variety of instruments (trumpet, piano, sax quartet, orchestra) and gracious, abstract works. Play!

3Rd Stream–Trumpet Works

Thierry Caens and the Lyon National Orchestra perform modern works. Works by Caratini are suitable for jazz programming. Play!

Rhapsody–Works for Trumpet and Orchestra

VariedĀ  pieces, some lyrical, others brassy and boomy. Try Gershwin, Faillenot, Ravel.

The Art of the Saxophone

Very interesting eclectic mix of pieces for sax, both solo and with accompaniment, ranging from “classical” to jazz/rock and avant-garde. Play most!

Thierry Escaich–Chamber Music with Winds

(review on booklet in pocket). Accomplished French organist and improviser hasĀ  composed abstract, rhythmic works for a variety of wind instruments: sax quartet, wind ensemble, clarinet quartet, and an interesting piece with trumpet & organ). Play!


Flutist Vincent Lucas performs solo pieces ranging from Baroque to modern. Mostly ethereal, play most!

Camille Saint-Saens–Complete Chamber Music with Winds

Impressionistic works for wind (trumpet, bassoon, oboe, clarinet, flute. Trk 7, CD1 and trks 1 & 4 CD 2 well known. Some lovely pieces here. Play!

Quatuor Vendome–Ground IV

Interesting, modern works for clarinet quartet. Play most!