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Ryan Huber-Anabaptist

Anabaptist is the latest work from Inam label founder, Ryan Huber. The music is Drone Ambient with additional static and hissing and has a creepy, mysteriousness to it. Not for everyone but I enjoy his work. RIYD: Olekranon Tracks: All Good

Ryan Huber-Kanab

Ryan Huber returns this time with a three track album titled Kanab. The music is Drone Ambient with Huber’s usual effects of hissing, scrapings and field recordings with a steady, hypnotic beat. Another superb effort from this artist. Tracks: All Good

Ryan Huber-Tacht

Tacht is the latest from artist Ryan Huber. The music is Drone Ambient or Dronegaze with elements of IDM. What I like about Huber’s music is that each album has a different vibe, a different mood, this album in particular has a futuristic, sci-fi feel. This is another excellent album to add to you Inam […]

Ryan Huber-Astor

The latest from Inam Records founder Ryan Huber is titled Astor. Huber is a master of Drone Ambient with his music “blending noise, drones, clicky rhythms and distortion”. The music has a definite dark streak to it, I’m listening to it during a thunderstorm and the music fits perfectly with the cloudy skies and booming […]

Ryan Huber-Akharon

Akharon is the latest work from artist Ryan Huber who is also known as Olekranon, Dhow and Sujo. The music here is best described as Drone Ambient and is a little smoother than what you hear from his other alias’s. Three of the four tracks are over ten minutes giving the listener time to sink […]


Olekranon’s latest effort is titled Aphelion. The music is primarily Drone Ambient but has IDM and Industrial elements as well. The tracks have a little less fuzz and static than normal but the menacing beats and haunting effects are still in place. Aphelion continues to showcase Olekranon’s talent and skill as an artist as well […]


Dhow is a self-titled album released on the Inam Label. The music is Drone Ambient or as the artist, Ryan Huber refers to it as Dronegaze. That sums up the music quite well as the tracks have the background drones but it’s mixed with swirling guitars and echoing synths as well as some subtle drumbeats […]


The latest from Inam Records artist, Olekranon, is an album titled Salus. The album was recorded last year on a Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer with digital delay, bass overdrive and Octave Shift. The synthesizer takes center stage here with a more pronounced sound than on previous albums. There is less static (you have to have […]

303 Committee-Conquest

Conquest is an album from the group 303 Committee. The group is signed to the Inam label which has a reputation for signing artists whose sound is Drone Ambient. 303 Committee is no different with long static drones and other mysterious sounds threaded into the tracks. The music has a dark beauty to it, haunting […]

RH-New Bedford Squall

New Bedford Squall is an album from the mysterious RH from the Iman label. The music is Dark Ambient with long, haunting drones, static and hissing as well as a grumbling undercurrent. The music has a spooky, sinister and menacing feel and the tracks have a certain dreadness to them. It’s like a radio that […]


The latest from Experimental artist Olekranon is titled Danaus. The album has elements of Dark Industrial, IDM, Dark Ambient and Dark Trip Hop. There is the “typical” Olekranon sound here, steamy drones, tension filled beats, spooky effects, static, and grinding guitars. As with all his albums though, you hear an evolution in the tracks- this […]