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HimeHime-Bath Texts

Bath Texts is an album from Seattle based artist, HimeHime. The music has a lush Ambient/Downtempo vibe that’s becoming part of the Seattle sound. Mellow and sort of soothing, I’m listening to this on a cold, rainy day with a hot cup of coffee which seems to be the right mood for this music. RIYD: […]

Twin Tail/Quiett-Fountains

UK producer Twin Tail and Denver based duo Quiett teamed up and produced an album on the Hush Hush label titled Fountains. Lush and woozy, it’s got a Tycho feel but a little more upbeat. It get’s you grooving without too much effort. Good to listen to while doing the dishes or if you have […]

VVV x Holly-78SM95

Artists VVV and Holly team up for an album titled 78SM95. The music has a definite dark streak with elements of Downtempo, Trap, Dubstep and Atmospheric Bass Music. There’s a good mix of tempos with the more upbeat Trap tracks compared to the more mellow, slower Downtempo tracks. Overall a pretty solid album. RIYD: Lee […]

Shelf Nunny-Wishful Thinking

Hush Hush artist Shelf Nunny’s Wishful Thinking album has been remixed. The remixes have a Downtempo vibe them and most have that “dreamy yet upbeat” Seattle Downtempo sound. RIYD: Tycho, IG88, Hobbess Tracks: All Good

Badmixday-A Quiet Mind Awaits

A Quiet Mind Awaits is an album from 22 year old Turkish artist Badmixday. The music has a dreamy Ambient Dance vibe to it and has elements of Downtempo, Jazz, and Trip Hop. Very smooth yet upbeat, a good album to unwind to. Tracks: 1,2,5,7,8


RMX is a four-track Ep from Hush Hush label artist CECI. This album is sort of an unofficial debut for the London-based Danish artist (real name Cecilie Dahlin) whose full length album will be released later this year. The music is a little hard to describe. Ambient Dubstep maybe? There’s some dark, urban vibes here […]

Serafim Tsotsonis-She Swims

Serafim Tsotsonis’s latest work is titled She Swims. The music is rooted in Ambient but has elements of Neo-Classical, Electro-Jazz and Dream Pop. The music is smooth and has been described as have “whimsical” elements to it. It sounds like upbeat Vangelis yet still retains a smooth, mellow-ish vibe. Very nice. RIYD: Vangelis, Tycho Tracks: […]

MUTUAL-After Finitude

The latest work from Portuguese duo MUTUAL is titled After Finitude. Their music has been described as being a “rough and rugged fusion of deconstructed breaks, distorted jungle, immersive house/techno, and atmospheric ambient styles.” The EP only has three tracks making it a tight, concise album that’s worth checking out. Tracks: All Good

Tori Bukle-Cardio Nova

Cardio Nova is the debut album on the Hush Hush label from artist Tori Bukle. The album has an Ambient R&B vibe mixed with some Atmospheric Bass. The music sounds like Tycho and Burial were put into a blender. The music is smooth and mellow but also has some good beats backing it up. RIYD: […]

Klunks-Hollow Scenes

Klunks latest work on the Hush Hush label is titled Hollow Scenes. The music is a mix of Ambient and Jazz with some experimentation thrown in. Very smooth to listen to. Tracks: All Good

w. baer-Wait a minute…who an i here?

Wait a minute…who am i here? is the latest work from Hush Hush label artist w. baer. The inspiration behind this album is the 1987 B-movie horror-thriller The Stepfather. You hear John Carpenter synths along with vocal samples and Dark Ambient tones threaded into the music. Perfect for this Halloween season. RIYD: John Carpenter Tracks: […]

People’s Palm-Habitual

Habitual is People’s Palm debut on the Seattle-based label Hush Hush. The music is a breezy mix of Ambient Soundscapes, New Age and Downtempo. There’s also an Asian and Tropical feel as well conjuring up images of sun soaked beaches on some far away exotic island. Very easy to listen to and worth checking out. […]

Ocean Hope-Chamber Dreams: Vol. 1

Hush Hush group Ocean Hope’s Chamber Dreams album has been remixed and is titled Chamber Dreams: Remixes, Vol. 1. Several other Hush Hush artists have participated in remixing the album including Secret School, Broken Deck, and Hanssen to name a few. The music is mostly a mix of Downtempo and Ambient Dance giving the music […]

Eyes Behind The Veil-Empathy

Empathy is the second album from Chicago artist Eyes Behind The Veil. The album consists of Ambient Soundscapes that drift, float and have a beautiful, haunted quality to them. This is perfect to listen to when going to sleep or laying in a hammock watching the clouds go by. RIYD: Keenya Tracks: All Good


Transit is the second album from Seattle-based artist Hanssen. The music is Ambient Dance and has been described as having “Dreamy nostalgic synths, spacious off-kilter rhythms, and space-bound melodies. The music has more of an upbeat, fun vibe compared to his debut, Seven Years Week but still retains a mellow vibe. RIYD: Carmen Rizzo, Lowhitey, […]


Omni is the Hush Hush label debut for the duo, Navvi. The music is a mix of dark Synth Pop and Dreamwave and has a smooth, dreamy, ethereal feel. Tracks: Al Good

Lowhitey-On My Planet

The latest from artist Lowhitey is titled On My Planet. The music has an Ambient vibe with touches of Downtempo and IDM which gives it an urban yet organic feel. It has a nice mellowness to it and is a good album to chill to on your commute home. RIYD: Tycho Tracks: All Good


ΗΣΥΛΑΝΑ is the latest from Greek-born artist, Craun. The album is incredibly short, three tracks coming in at 12 minutes. The music has an Ambient Soundscape vibe and music has been described as “Cinematic in its scope and glacial in its pace, each composition utilizes field recordings taken within Sydney’s industrial and natural areas to […]


Seattle duo, Cock & Swan have done the soundtrack to choreographer Kate Wallich’s dance performance piece, Splurge Land. The music is a departure from the lush Dream Pop they usually create but the duo has never shied away from experimenting and many of their remixed tracks have a more electronic sound. Here the music is […]


Weekend is the latest work from MICHAELBRAILLEY. The music mixes MICHAELBRAILLEY’s falsetto vocals with Ambient, Atmospheric Bass Music, and Dubstep. The tracks have a haunted, ethereal, futuristic feel to them creating a dystopian feel. Worth checking out. RIYD: VVV, Eaves Tracks: 1,2,3, FCC: 4,6

Caledon City-Earth OST

Earth OST is the debut album from Ethan Strange under the moniker Caledon City. Inspired by Pokemon “Strange’s sonic creations attempt to emulate the feeling of getting happily lost within exciting, welcoming, and whimsical new worlds.” The Music has a mellow Ambient vibe to it with a few upbeat tracks to mix things up and […]

MICHAELBRAILLEY-You Said We’re Not Dying

You Said We’re Not Dying is the latest from artist MICHAELBRAILLEY. The six track single contains the original edit plus five remixes. The original (as well as all the other tracks) has Brailley’s distinctive falsetto vocals and the music ranges between Ambient, Atmospheric Bass Music, and Dubstep. The tracks have a distinct dark, haunting streak […]

Keenya-Moment Invisible

The second solo release from Keenya is titled Moment Invisible. Similar to his full length debut, Gone Home, the music consists of Ambient Soundscapes that drift and float very serenely. This is a perfect album to relax to and let the stress of the day melt away. Tracks: All Good

Various Artists-Hush Hush: Presents, Vol. 2

Hush Hush: Presents, Vol. 2 is a compilation from the Seattle-based Hush Hush label. IG88, Super Magic Hats, Chants and Sax G are some of the artists showcased here. The music is rooted in Ambient and some of the tracks have an Ambient Dance and Atmospheric Bass Music vibe as well. With 39 tracks in […]

w. baer-Mono no aware

The second album from artist w. baer is titled Mono no aware. The Ep contains the track Mono no aware which is just over twenty minutes, has a dreamy Ambient vibe to it and is split up into what could be considered “chapters”. The second track is an excerpt from the track, You Wouldn’t and […]