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Horn Monologues

A variety of solo horn works/transcriptions, many first recordings of these modern works. Excellent!

Lines at Dusk

Interesting contemporary horn-based works with accompanying winds and piano.

Tribute to John Cerminaro

Mostly slow, lyrical horn pieces, modern, a variety of composers.

Canyon Songs–Music for Solo Horn

With pieces inspired by nature and/or religious devotion,most contemporary and sonorous–some lovely works here! Play!

Musica Incognita–20th Century Sonatas for Horn and Piano

Brassy or quiet pieces, by Eureopean and American composers. Play most!

Air–Works for Horn

Attractive horn works (solo or with piano) from classical/Romantic to contemporary eras. Includes pieces  by Hindemith, Salonen, Widmann and more. Play most!

Jennifer Montone Performs…

Works for horn and piano, Romantic to contemporary, by Saint-Saens, Strauss, Dukas, Hindemith and others. Varied!

On Safari–MirrorImage Horn Duo

Piano + horn duo pieces inspired by the term “safari,” as a journey or as an animal interaction. Play!

Windward–Clarinet & Horn

Lovely sonority in this duo of clarinet and horn!  All modern pieces. Play!

It’s About Time

Works for horn, saxophone and accompaniment, highly variable. Stern’s pieces lovely!

Chamber Music for Horn, Violin & Piano

Gracious pieces composed in different eras (Classical, and modern/contemporary). Play most!