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Paul Hindemith–Chamber Works

From early 1920’s, modern chamber works, strong or sweet/fun, with touches of Baroque. Play!

Paul Hindemith– Complete Works for Violin and Piano

Modern works– “wild” but Romantic for violin, piano or viola. Play!

Paul Hindemith–4 Sonatas for Viola Solo

Abstract, somewhat intense viola solos. Play!

Paul Hindemith–Convergent Winds

Gracious, elegant, modern works for various winds and piano.

Paul Hindemith–Works for Saxophone

Quite a mix of varied pieces–original works and transcriptions for sax quartet–abstract, lyrical. Play!

Paul Hindemith–Complete Chamber Music for Clarinet

Nice, modern works for clarinet and accompaniment (strings and/or piano). Play!

Paul Hindemith–Complete String Quartets

All of his string quartets, evocative, modern, performed by the Amar Quartet. Play!

Paul Hindemith–Complete Piano Sonatas

Modern, abstract works ranging in tempi and always engaging!

Paul Hindemith–String Quartets Vol. 3

Modern string works with some Romantic touches. Play most!

Paul Hindemith–Sonatas for…

Sonatas forĀ  piano with various accompanying instruments (violin, horn, trumpet, althorn, trombone, violoncello), ranging from sweet to intense. Play most!

Paul Hindemith–Violin Sonatas

Gracious, abstract works for violin and piano, by a composer sometimes considered affectless. Influences of Debussy, Busoni and Reger. Nice!

Paul Hindemith–Resolve

Clarinetist Richard Stoltzman performs modern works for various-sized ensembles. The Sonata for Clarinet and Piano is particularly nice!