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Valerie Milot –Orbis

Harpist Valerie Milot performs classical/avant works by Reich and Cage, amongst others, and two rock pieces by Gentle Giant and Zappa. Play!

Music for Harp

Contemporary and modern works by Britten and Czech composers. Play all!

Music for Harp

Beautiful  contemporary works for harp with accompaniment,  by Harrison, Peterson, Cage, & Reiter. Play, Play, Play!

The Museaux Trio–And Then I Knew ‘Twas the Wind

Works for harp/flute/viola trio by Takemitsu, Debussy and Al-Zand: modern and gracious. Play!

Gliere, Jongen, Rodrigo–Harp Concertos

Beautiful, modern, harp with orchestra concertos-play/sample!

Wild Birds–Violin and Harp

Duo 47/4 perform modern works, one known by Ibert. Play most!

Postcard From Heaven–Music for Harp

Beautiful, modern works for harp by Cage, Tcherepnin, Tenney and Coates. Play most!

Un Viaje a Napoles–Harp Music from Spain & Naples in the 16th & 17th centuries

Gracious pieces for  double harp, accompanied in some with tenor voice, or  vihuela (bass & soprano). Play!

Harp Music

Italian harp pieces from the turn of the 20th century, with some Baroque elements. Play!

Duo Imaginaire–Quinar

Abstract contemporary works for clarinet and harp. Zabel’s pieces for microtonal harp. Play!

Keziah–Crossing Waves–British Works for Solo Harp

Elegant,  mostly modern works for harp, showing the instrument’s range, performed by Keziah Thomas. Nice!

Six Departures

Modern works for the lovely combination of flute, harp and viola. Play most!

20th Century Polish Harp Concertos

Interesting mix of pieces ranging from gracious to abstract with a bit of discordance (Schaeffer’s). Harp accompanied with flute, viola, double bass. Play most!

Valerie Milot & Les Violons du Roy

Mostly known pieces for harp and chamber orchestra by Handel, Mozart and Boieldieu.


Nice collection of flute with harp pieces, some composed by the harpist, ranging from classical to contemporary. Play most!

Cristina Braga – Samba, Jazz, and Love (Enja)

Here are well known Brazilian compositions (by the likes of Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso, & Vinícius de Moraes) performed by a nationally renowned Brazilian harpist & vocalist and her band mates. Music has a mellow vibe with most vocals in whispery Portuguese. The harp is an uncommon treat, & the frequent interplay between the harp […]