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Joseph Haydn–Piano Sonatas Nos. 20, 34, 51 & 52

Classical era, lyrical, lively works, some Romanticism.

Frederic Chopin–Complete Nocturnes

Lovely, Romantic era solo piano pieces. Play!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–String Quartets Dedicated to Haydn

A Classical era composer, in hommage to a fellow Classical composer.

Bela Bartok–String Quartets Nos. 1,3, & 5

The Jerusalem Quartet performs these lovely, modern string quartets with Hungarian elements. Play!

Les Musiques de Picasso

A collection of mostly French and Spanish works linked to either Picasso in life or in artworks from the 1920’s on, mostly well-known by Rodrigo, Sarasate, Stravinsky, Satie and others.


Spanish and Latin American, mostly modern transcriptions for viola and piano, by well-known composers.

Arnold Schoenberg–Violin Concerto, Verklarte Nacht

Modern/abstract orchestra w/ violin–some stridence, but also quiet, very nice. Play!


Works for violin and cello, Baroque, Romantic to modern, highly varying.

Sergei Prokofiev–Piano Sonatas Nos. 4, 7 & 9

Nice, modern sonatas from different eras of the composer’s life. Play!

Sergei Rachmaninov–Piano Trios

Elegies by Suk, Grieg and Rachmaninov, gracious, lovely, Romantic.

Jospeh Haydn–Piano Sonatas Nos. 20 & 48

Bridging the Baroque and Classical eras, these are lovely, rolling, trilling piano sonatas. Play!

Debussy and Ravel–Strings Quartets

The Jerusalem Quartet performs two string quartets, both recognizable and wonderful, by Ravel and Debussy. Play!

New South American Discoveries

A very interesting mix of varying contemporary orchestral works. Play!

Kayhan Kalhor, Aynur, Cemîl Qoçgirî, and Salman Gambarov – Hawniyaz (Harmonia Mundi)

What beautiful music! Kalhor draws so much drama out of every note from his kamancheh (an Iranian string instrument played with a bow). The plaintive vocals of Aynur accent this drama with rich emotional tones. Notes from Gambarov’s piano fall into place quietly, brilliantly, & so meaningfully! The same can be said for the subtle […]

Vaughn Williams, MacMillan & Britten–Oboe Concertos

British oboe concertos, varying but all modern & contemporary. Play most!

Edvard Grieg–Lyric Pieces

The title comes from a group of compositions, naturally lyrical, plus his Piano Concerto in A min., mvt 1 well-known. Play!

Steve Reich–Music for 18 Musicians

Based on marimba and vibraphone, these pieces slowly become layered with horn, voice and strings in each successive section–minimalist, highly staccato, lyrical. Play!

Antonio Vivaldi–Concerti for Flute

Vivaldi’s works have been played too slowly in the past–this disc of flute concerti keeps up to speed!

Frederic Chopin–1846, Derniere Annee a Nohant

Cellos sonatas and piano works. Can’t go wrong with Chopin! Valses op. 64 well-known, try other  tracks instead. Play!

Montage–Film Composers and the Piano

Well-known film composers including Randy Newman and John Williams amongst others, here compose “private” works for solo piano, many expressly for the pianist, Gloria Cheng. Play!

Paul Hindemith–Sonatas for…

Sonatas for  piano with various accompanying instruments (violin, horn, trumpet, althorn, trombone, violoncello), ranging from sweet to intense. Play most!

Astor Piazzolla–Escualo

Lovely Nuevo Tango pieces, well-known, here performed with harp (!), bandoneon & violin. Play!

Tony Allen – Film of Life (Jazz Village)

Rumored to have four arms, the self-taught drummer from Lagos, Nigeria (born 1940) is back with a masterful new twist. Always experimenting, here he works with the French producers The Jazzbastards & many guests. His rhythms are presented in settings ranging from Afrobeat to space jazz to psychedelia, with plenty of tasteful synthesizer & computer-generated […]

Faure & Pierne–Piano Trios

Trio Wanderer  performs 2 piano trios here, impressionistic and post-impressionistic. Play most!

John Harbison–String Trio, Four Songs of Solitude…

Well-known contemporary composer John Harbison here presents lovely string pieces, plus his versions of old American songs (Amazing Grace, We Shall Overcome, etc.) for flute, clarinet, strings and piano. “String Trio” is especially lovely. Play!