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Dude York – “Sincerely”

Sincerely, Dude York’s second album, is riff-heavy noise pop filled with cathartic yell-along vocals telling us about the power of friendship in a life riddled with anxiety, isolation, and depression. Label: Hardly Art Play: 3, 4, 8, 9, 12 FCC: 6 (radio edit available) RIYL: Spoon, Car Seat Headrest, The Velvet Underground, FIDLAR

S – Cool Choices

S is the project of Jenn Ghetto, formerly of the Seattle band Carissa’s Wierd (several of whose members have gone on to bigger things, like Band of Horses). Her latest album Cool Choices is a set of songs that are melancholy, soft and gentle sounding, but with bitter breakup inspired lyrics with occasional profanity (luckily […]

Jacuzzi Boys – “Jacuzzi Boys”

On their third full length Jacuzzi Boys mellow out, clean up their sonics, and deliver another round of catchy garage rock tracks. Without diving as far into pop as many of this year’s garage rockers, they retain plenty of searing guitar, airy vocals, and hollered choruses. Slow-burning tracks such as ‘Dust’ and ‘Domino Moon’ equalize […]


Seattle urban-rustic folk-rock band with  a vintage sound and expansive, epic jams. Though they are oft compared to Laurel Canyon crooners or Southern swamp boogiers, Adios I’m a Ghost is a quintessentially Northwest record. The 12 songs the band settles on highlight their dichotomies: dirty hooks and sweet harmonies, electric edge and plaintive pleas, chaotic […]

Hunx and His Punx – “street punk”

Hunx & His Punx have returned with Street Punk-a new album filled with the catchiest and most hateful punk songs heard in eons. Street Punk is an unrelenting tour de force, echoing early 80s hardcore, 90s grrl sounds, Darby Crash on helium, and the female answer to The Misfits. After members dropping like flies and moving around the country, Hunx and […]

Hausu- “total”

High-powered swagger from Seattle. Admittedly influenced by their favorite 90’s indie-rock bands. Off-kilter, melodic and aggressive. Distorted guitars, driving drums, quiet & loud vocals. play: 1, 4, 9, 10 FCC: 5 RIYL: Sonic Youth, Metz, Unwound

Shannon and the Clams – “dreams in the rat house”

Shannon and the Clams, are from Oakland, CA and have been spreading their brand of garage, doo-wop, soul, and bubblegum punk around the world and then some! Shannon Shaw,of course has played in the Punkettes from Hunx and His Punx and is now a full time member of the PUNX on vox and bass, which […]

We Are Loud Whispers – “Suchness”

Emotive electronic music, created through Email by two musicians who were physically separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Ayumu Haitani would record the instrumentals in Japan and send them to Sonya Westcott in Seattle, who would write lyrics and record her vocals. The instrumentation is subtly complex, with horns, timpani, synths, clattering percussion, loops and effects. Wescott floats […]

Grave Babies- Crusher

This music is really good. It combines the best of all worlds. The heaviess/darkness of metal, the melancholy of pop and the authenticity of lo-fi. The album has serious weight, with an intense sense of longing attached to each song. While it sounds and feels like typical grunge, it has accomplished a dynamic and empathetic […]

Lost Animal- Ex Tropical

Atmospheric dream pop, expansive soundscapes and all of those words that one uses to describe indie-pop. Jarrod Quarrel is using his keyboard to create some seriously ambient tunes. At times catchy, at others bizzarre, the album works.