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Stephen Goss & Philip Houghton

Guitarist John Williams and his Ensemble have recorded two really interesting works including strings, percussion and/or harp. Play!

MAKrotonal–Microtonal Guitar

Beautiful, Baroque-like and contemporary pieces for microtonal guitar. Play!

Guitar Music of Venezuela

Modern classical guitar with lovely ethnic influences. Play!

Andres Segovia Archive–French Composers

Guitarist Roberto Moronn Perez performs pieces composed in the 1920’s, with one in 1962.  Nice–play most!

Viva Segovia!

Roberto Moronn Perez performs modern classical guitar pieces, some abstract, others romantic–Swiss, French, Italian and English composers. Play!


Solo guitar works and transcriptions/arrangements by Takemitsu and Ourkouzounov. Outstanding in grace, silence and beauty. Play, play, play!

Xavier Jara–Guitar Recital (Guitar Foundation of America Competition)

Classical guitar pieces ranging from Baroque to contemporary including works by Assad, Bogdanovic and Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Play!

Dream Weaving–New Zealand Guitar Music Vol. 3

Lovely contemporary classical guitar pieces from 1951 forward, and one wild electric guitar piece from 1992! Play!

Draw the Strings Tight

A collection of contemporary, abstract, classical guitar pieces. Play most!

Guitar Vibes

Modern, abstract,  guitar + string quartets by Brouwer, Sierra, Pujol, and Maier. Play most!

Vieux Farka Touré – Samba (Six Degrees)

New songs from a remarkable Malian guitarist (& son of superstar Ali Farka Touré), recorded in a NY studio with a live audience. Lots of guests & two tracks with Idan Raichel on keyboards. Title means “second born,” an auspicious position in Malian families. Exciting guitar & compositions!

Mappa Mundi

Canadian Guitar Quartet performs a collection of mostly modern, abstract pieces with one transcription of Vivaldi. Play!    

Aspects–Aquarelle Guitar Quartet

Mostly modern pieces and varying nicely from each other. Play!


Modern and contemporary pieces for classical guitar, by Sor, Mompou, Michaels, Gerhard and Turina, all beautiful!

Local Objects

Guitarist Zsofia Boros performs a collection of solo guitar pieces from modern and contemporary composers, including Di Meola, Pinter, Gismonti among others. Play!

21st Century Spanish Guitar–Vol. 2

Pieces composed within the last 7 yrs by Spanish composers. Excellent!

Debut–Guitar Recital

Jonas Khalil performs a lovely collection of modern/contemporary pieces by Ysaye, Cassado, Arnold, Bogdanaovic and one of his own pieces. Play!

Cronomias–Hommage a Abel Carlevaro

Contemporary works for guitar–play!

La Mascarade

Rolf  Lislevand performs gorgeous baroque works for baroque guitar and theobro. Play!


Classical guitarist Thibaut Garcia performs mostly well-known works from Spanish and Latin American composers: Albeniz, de Falla, Piazzolla, Tarrega and others. Gracious!

Dieci Minuti all’Alba

Contemporary works for guitar, play most!

Dimitri Kotronakis–Toryanse

Contemporary classical guitar–very nice!

Pavel Kukhta–Guitar Recital

Nice mix of pieces by less heard composers, modern to contemporary. Play!

New Music with Guitar Vol. 10

Guitarist David Starobin performs both instrumental and vocal pieces, all contemporay, some by his son Michael. Play!

Forest Paintings–20th Century Guitar Music

Modern and contemporary works for solo guitar by Henze, Haug, and others. Play!