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Contemporary, abstract solo guitar with electronics, varied and excellent!

Napoleonian Guitar Sonatas

Early 1800’s guitar works, elegant, Romantic, some with violin. Play!

Tales from Malaysia–Between Two Worlds

Lovely transcriptions or works for guitar by Malaysian composers or inspired by the music. Gentle, lyrical. Play!

Presenting Liz Hogg

Works for or transcribed for guitar, from several musical eras, nice mix!

Mirrored Spaces

A collection of abstract, contemporary works for solo guitar or electric guitar–excellent!

Barcarolle & Fantasies

A mix of Romantic and modern solo guitar pieces (10-string). Nice!

Guitar Works by Grawemeyer Award Composers

Contemporary solo guitar works overing many rhythms, by Takemitsu, Dean, Tower and others. Play!

GuitarEVOL.3UTION + Orchestra

Modern/contemporary works for guitar and orchestra, somewhat intense but very interesting!

Strahlen. Licht.–New Compositions for Guitar Solo

Maximilian Mangold plays  these works, all interesting in their own way. Play!

Amor Fati

Gracious, transcriptions and originals, modern and and contemporary. Play!

Arctic Sonata

Pieces  for solo guitar by 11 varying composers, modern, abstract, lyrical or abrupt. Play!

The Guitar

A mix of Baroque and modern works/transcriptions. Play most!

New Music with Guitar, Vol. 12

A mix of instrumentals, some with voice, all modern/contemporary. Play!

Music from New Zealand for Two Guitars

Modern works for guitar duet, Body’s with African elements. Play!


Nice mix of pieces for classical guitar, Romantic to modern, various composers with different styles. Play!

Refracted Resonance

Rhythmically varying, producing interesting sounds from the guitar. Play/sample!

British Guitar

Modern/contemporary British works for solo guitar–short and sweet! Play!

Gerhard & Mompou–Complete Music for Solo Guitar

Either brusque or very quiet and lovely, works by Gerhard, Mompou and Pujol. Play most!

Continuidad y Deformacion–Contemporary Works from Latin America

Nice collection of percussive, drumming and plucking abstract pieces. Not typical.

Forest of Dreams

Guitarist Callum Henshaw performs a nice mix of classical, Romantic and modern works. Play!

Concertante–Modern Works for Guitar

Contemporary classical guitar with Latin elements by Campbell Ross or Ariel and Gerardo Dirie. Play!

Dreams Laid Down

For solo classical guitar, contemporary pieces, yet still resembling older era’s pieces. Play!


Acoustic or electric guitar pieces from Renaissance to contemporary. Play!

Connect–electronic works for guitar

Classical guitarist Jakob Bangso here performs pieces manipulated with electronics, a mix of lyrical and avant-garde. \


Modern/ Romantic South American music for or transcribed for, classical guitar, including pieces by Piazzolla, Lauro, Gismonti and others. Play!