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Convergence II

Kevin Kastning, Sandor Szabo and Carl Clements improvised these ambient guitar, electric guitar and sax pieces. Nice!

Rubicon I

Further improvisations for various numbered stringed electric guitars/piano/ electronics and regular-stringed electric guitar. Ambient, flowing.

Kevin Kastning, Carl Clements & Sandor Szabo–Convergence 1

Beautiful, ambient improvisations and co-compositions for specialty guitars, classical guitar and and flute. Play!

Kevin Kastning–Piano I

Mr. Kastning, known for his improvisational guitar pieces with his owned multi-stringed instruments, here performs his abstract, delicate and mostly quiet works. Nice!

Kevin Kastning–30/36

Original compositions/improvisations for 36-string double contraguitar and 30-string contra-alto guitar (designed by the composer)–ambient, flowing, nice tone. Play!

Kevin Kastning–Ethereal II

Improvisations with electric guitar, percussion and 36 string guitar–ambient. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Balazs Major–Kismaros

Further explorations and improvisations for percussion and 30 string contra-alto guitar. Play!

Kevin Kastning–17/66

As the composer describes, “harmonic blocks” compositions with contra and extended classical guitar. Nice!

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo–Ethereal I

Improvisations for piano, contra-stringed guitar and electric guitar. Meandering, as the title suggests, ethereal. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo–Invocation

Lovely improvisational pieces for classical guitar and extended string classical guitar. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements–Even this late it happens

Really nice improvisational pieces for saxophone and many-stringed classical guitar. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Mark Wingfield–The Line to Three

Continued improvisations for many-stringed guitars & electric guitar, one with piano,  percussion. Play!

Kevin Kastning–A Connection of Secrets

Mr. Kastning’s latest solo effort of improvised, ambient and flowing guitar pieces. Plus one piano work! Play!

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo–Perspectives

Continuing their improvisational collaboration, these are beautiful pieces for extended string classical guitar (amongst others) and contraguitar ( with others). Play!

Kevin Kastning–Skyfields

Further solo contra guitar and classical guitar improvisations, slow, somber, ambient. Play!

Kevin Kastning and Carl Clements– A Far Reflection

Further explorations/improvisations for guitar, saxophone or flutes. Flute pieces particularly lovely! Play!

Kevin Kastning & Mark Wingfield–Eleven Rooms

Beautiful improvisations for electric and acoustic guitars/mandolin inspired by paintings by Vermeer. Play!

Kevin Kastning–Otherworld

Mr. Kastning’s solo release performing on self-designed guitars (15, 30,or 36 strings, extended or double, etc.), ambient, lyrical pieces. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Mark Wingfield–In Stories

Improvisational compositions for electric guitar and differently numbered contra-guitars and classical guitar. Ambient, usually quiet.

Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements–Watercolor Sky

Another  improvisational collaboration for sax & guitar and/or flute. Abstract, ambient, a bit darker than their earlier work. Nice!

Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements–Nowhere, Now Here

Improvisations with various guitars, saxes and flutes, ambient & ethereal.