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Tamikrest – Kidal (Glitterbeat)

Tuareg rock ‘n roll, with beautifully intertwining bass & rhythm guitars, lilting beats, & plaintive vocals about the pains and joys of the Tuareg people. Recorded in Bamako & named after the band’s Sahara Desert home in southwest Mali. Nice Tuareg music! More here: http://www.tamikrest.net/

Orkesta Mendoza – Vamos a Guarachar! (Glitterbeat)

From Tucson Arizona, a Latin orchestra with lots of attitude & innovation led by Sergio Mendoza. Great musicianship, classic in some ways, but continually surprising too. Six band members plus 11 guest performers on various tracks. Great cumbia, mambo, & more.

Noura Mint Seymali – Arbina (Glitterbeat)

From Mauritania, West Africa, with her own takes on Moorish/trans-Saharan musical styles… Her strong vocals are complemented by strong guitar from her husband, who uses rich quarter-tones in imitation of the Moorish lute. With complex spiritual lyrics in the griot tradition. Special music!

Afro-Hatian Experimental Orchestra – A.H.E.O. (Glitterbeat)

An experiment in every sense! Afro-beat drummer Tony Allen was asked to come to Haiti and play with an assortment of leading Haitian musicians recruited by the Haitian National Bureau of Ethnology. Out of the chaos, Allen stepped up as music director, laying down beats to which were added super bass lines, voodoo rhythms, chants, […]

MAKU Soundsystem – Mezcla (Glitterbeat)

High-energy Afro-Colombian vibes with a dash of Afro-beat provide a foundation for this 8-piece NYC band. Most band members are Colombian immigrants, and the lyrics focus on their experiences as such. Easy to dance to, with strong percussion and a smokin’ brass section.

Fofoulah – Fofoulah (Glitterbeat)

This British band features the traditional drumming styles of the Wolof (the dominant ethnic group in Gambia & Senegal) on Sabar drums (tall conga-like drums played using one hand & one stick), in a cross-cultural fusion with Afro-rock, trance, dub-like bass, synthesizers, & more. Quite innovative and really nicely done! Check out their earlier EP […]

Noura Mint Seymali – Tzenni (Glitterbeat)

From a long line of Moorish griots, as a child Noura mastered the ardine (a 9-string harp that only women play) & sang with her famous step-mother. As an adult, she performs with her husband, an incredible guitarist, and her talented band – one of the 1st from Mauritania (West Africa) to receive international recognition. […]